polishing stainless

hi gang, iv'e been doing some small stainless (16 & 10 ga.) projects
that i've tig welded together and i want to polish them to a very brite
finish. can anyone suggest a good polishing pad and or buffing compound
or both?
also, is there a type of stainless that polishes getter than others?
many thanks cj
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I have been doing a lot of 316 polishing lately. Just finished a couple of anchor rollers in mill finished 1/4" plate and a stem fitting in 1/2"x3" bar stock.
Welds were worked down to smooth fillets with round nose carbide die grinder bits. Started with a series of flap wheels up to 320 grit. Then a synthetic pad on an angle grinder. Polishing starts with emery compound on a sisal wheel. Then a 5 minute dip in a Citrisurf bath with a 12VDC trickle charger power source to passivate. That whitens it up but leaves a haze so back to the buffer with some coloring compound on a stitched muslin wheel and finished with jeweler's rouge on a loose muslin wheel.
If you send it out for electropolishing you can skip the passivating bath and the jeweler's rouge. Electropolishing is just a finishing step. It is not going to take out anything bigger than a 300 grit scratch, just make it shiny.
cj wrote:
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Glenn Ashmore
Below is a post I made a few years ago, hope it will help answer your question.
Here is a brief summary of the products we used for the polished SS oven we just built. I had planned on posting this to the previous discussion on polishing, but figured it has gotten buried beneath the discussion on recent events.
First I need to say that all of the Norton products can be purchased either from MSC or by calling Norton for your local distributor. The Walter products were ordered straight from Walter, but I do remember our tool supply guy saying that MSC carried some similar products also.
I mentioned little gray wheels, which we used mostly as the primary weld remover. The official name is Norton Bear-Tex deburring wheels, #52200. We used the 2"x1/4" size with a 1/4" arbor hole. The finer gray wheel we used was also Norton's, Bear-Tex Unified wheel, #58773,(662610) both of these numbers were on the tags, not sure why it had 2 numbers. We used these wheel in the 3"x3/4" size with 1/4" arbor holes also.
The rouges that we used were Walter Quick Step products, the white(07-T 901) was used first, it does a fairly good job of polishing, leaving a slight "haze" that is easily finished with the blue(07-T 905). After the blue is applied and worked in, we usually went back over the area with a clean wheel, the same wheels we used to apply the rouges. These were 4" cushion sewn wheels with 3/8" faces, #528-41-4 but I couldn't find a brand name on them.
Hope this helps, Jim C Roberts
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