So much OT discussion here

I used to come to this group back in 1999 if memory serves me
correctly. This group was top notch, an incredible resource. I just
recently subscribed again and have been seeing so much posting about
politics and variations of. There are plenty of political forums on
the net why desecrate such a fine topic such as metalworking with
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It still is a great resource TJ. I have my filters set to ignore posters that babble politics. Other folks set their filters so they don't see my incompetent puns.
It all works out.
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I don't get it either, but the desecration is a fact of life and thankfully is about 80% filterable. Filter out a few key offenders, then filter subject lines for a few obvious political keywords (Obama, McCain, Neocon, etc.) and the place suddenly looks a whole bunch better.
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Vaughn Simon
I noticed it seems that SJEW went nuts with off topic posts and it's now a graveyard. All the non metals content has migrated to this newsgroup instead. Frankly, I'm tired of all the whiners, and OT shit it makes me ignore what used to be a fun and insightful site to be a part of. I am guilty of the occasional OT post but I see more political crap and the thread on the 4 year old kid in the store getting blasted it just taints the merits of this group. Instead of all the bullshit would anyone be so kind as to tell me how to set a filter in Outlook Express so I can see what I came here for please? Flame away if you must, but I'd like some insight on how to set a filter.
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Rob Fraser
Amen to that. Still a good source of info, and still a parking place for old farts (and young ones, too) who think too much of themselves, their attitudes, their beliefs and their solutions.
Pathetic sorry old people.
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SEJW has few postings of any type now. The whiners went elsewhere.
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Jim Wilkins
"Rob Fraser" wrote in message
metalworking with
of life and
key offenders,
keywords (Obama,
whole bunch better.
posts and it's now a
this newsgroup
shit it makes me
part of. I am
crap and the
it just taints the
anyone be so kind
can see what I
like some insight on
I have available two news servers, and aioe has far less spam than teranews. Practically none a couple of entries to a filter and this group is quite readable. To make a rule in OE go to tools/message rules/news/new and fill in the blanks. phil kangas
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Phil Kangas
Well it is wide ranging vs some moderated board. Assuming DSL speeds, use your brain, and just ignore the stuff that doesn't interest you. Kill file Cliff.
Some of us have gotten to know each other and tend to ramble off on all sorts of topics or OT. Usually there is a phase, one is very political, then one figures it is pointless since those that believe will not be swayed by those that believe and know they have the straight stuff.
If gun threads bother you than move on. There is a lot of gun guys in the metal working forums and this group.
Al Gore ruined it for you. Let all us dirty unwashed non-academes in. ;)
Wes -- "Additionally as a security officer, I carry a gun to protect government officials but my life isn't worth protecting at home in their eyes." Dick Anthony Heller
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Since you asked, you can set words to reject on, such as Bush, neocons, etc. What I have started doing is taking threads started by known nuts and looking for multiple posts (like ten or twenty responses) by people that I don't see contributing to any of the other threads about metalworking. Then I go to Message, then Block Sender, then OK, and I never see that person again. Admittedly, I do plonk some people who may talk a little about metalworking, but they post mostly about off topic spew, mainly whining and crying about this and that.
The group takes on new life when you just have people who talk about metal. It takes a while to get there, and continuously pruning because the spewers keep morphing their IDs when they get blocked out, like a child who screams when whining doesn't work any more.
Poor sad little pathetic bastards.
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its an election year, what can you expect?
And the US is as polarized as much as at any time in its history.
at yoyodyne they were all veterans of the psychic wars exiled from the eighth dimension where the winds of limbo roar"              mariposa rand mair theal
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Gunner Asch
Piss off the liberals.
Work hard, be happy!
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cavelamb himself
On Mon, 16 Jun 2008 07:37:34 -0500, with neither quill nor qualm, "Rob Fraser" quickly quoth:
Because he's a troll.
As long as you guys keep responding to these messages, Rob, he and other Clifftrolls will keep it up.
C'mon, guys. Buy a clue. They're cheap and it takes very little discipline to reign in your buttons so they can't push 'em.
-- Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is a nobler art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of nonessentials. -- Lin Yutang
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Larry Jaques
Right, and take that from another guy who never participates in any threads except ones with strictly metal content. Better to be a troll than a hypocrite. You guys who can't seem to keep out of the off topic threads have a lot of gall criticizing anyone else. Ever hear about the pot calling the kettle black? When you people start staying out of any thread that isn't metal related you can say something. Until then you're not any better. I take that back. You're worse. You get into any off topic thread you feel like and then pretend you never do. Clowns!
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And do it while making less and paying more for all the necessities. Good luck and have fun at the filling station.
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And the inflation is due to a liberal Congress and asinine enviro-nuts.
Activist liberal judges and huge "AGW global warming" scams sucking resources and making it impossible to compete with countries that don't "play by the Rules" (most of said rules are just stupid)
...and you have the temerity to blame the executive branch.
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Mark Dunning
Hey dumass. Can't spell and a fool too. Nice combo. Spent a lot of time lately trading in the commodities market? No? Don't know the first thing about commodities, do you? Don't know jack shit about economics or what monetary policy is either. No wonder you are stupid enough to blame anyone but the ones who are responsible for the country's problems. I bet it pissed you off the last time you filled up your pickup truck didn't it? But don't blame the free market or those who have been running the country for the last seven years. It's all the fault of the Democratic congress that's only been in office for 18 months. Man, you right wingers really are dumb. No wonder you fall for everything right wing radio tells you. You'd poke a sharp stick in your eye if Rush Limbaugh told you it was good for you. I'd tell you to think before you speak but obviously it wouldn't do any good.
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Hawke wrote in article ...
Now, there's your typical liberal attitude.
Tweety Bird doesn't like to follow laws and rules.....only those with which he agrees.
He's probably got a "stash" hidden in his car, AND his house, and he couldn't care less that the forum rules here designate this as a place to discuss metalworking.
Sure, a few of us DO get onto the political B.S. occasionally, but we also use this forum for metalworking discussion.
Tweety Bird, OTOH, probably thinks that a Bastard file is a file born out of wedlock.
Cliff isn't much different. Even after accepting a challenge, he has yet to show ANY knowledge whatsoever of metalworking.
Two old men with nothing better to do than sit at the computer for hours at a time.
Two old men producing a constant stream of hot air - which doesn't always eminate from their mouths.
Posted ANY metalworking content recently, Tweety?
How about YOU, Cleft?
I'll show you WMDs (sic) when YOU follow through on the CNC programming you promised to someone else.......
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I do not mind getting a few off topic messages from people that do generally past on topic. Sometimes they have problems that are not too closely associated with metalworking, but metalworking people seem to have a lot of other expertise.
I think the reason that people as Hawke post here is that the political groups are filled with idiots that can not post intelligent messages. But it is not a good reason to post political OT messages on RCM.
If the more intelligent people such as Ed Huntress would stop trying to educate the non-metalworkers here on economics and history, those that only post OT messages would drift away. How about it. Could we only respond to OT topics that are started by those that do post at least 20% on metalworking topics?
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OK. I reserve one last shot at Ratzo, then I will reform. d8-)
-- Ed Huntress
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Ed Huntress
Go to the site below and install newsproxy. Filters are simple to set up, and work on every newsgroup. Depending on the lines availaible in the headers, you can drop all messages crossposted to troll or political newsgroups.
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Michael A. Terrell

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