Structure and intent of hte Congress was Why we have the Electoral College?

alt.survival the following:

    The idea was , that the House of Representatives would be like the House of Commons, with members being elected every two years.     The Senate was to be Chosen by the Several States, and was intended to take a "longer" view. In such manner as the House of Lords took a longer, and more pro-institutional perspective.

    Years of college, and the Marxist indoctrination: everything you don't like is because of undeserved wealth.

    At one time, it was more "conservative" - if by conservative you mean "desiring to conserve that which is, and not changing something just because 'it seems like a good idea'. (Q Vid: GK Chesterton on lamps in forests.)

    Four years of "Liberal Studies" at any modern university will so inculcate that, it is no wonder he's an NPC.
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