Tell me about flrexible grinding/sanding pads (Roloc?)

On the car-building reality shows I see them using grinding/sanding pads
(on angle-grinder like tools) that are very flexible. The edge turns up
quite a bit. These pads are usually about 3" diam. This appeals to me
as a way of avoiding the gouges I put in with my stiff pads.
I've heard of Roloc & looked into them - they do seem to be this sort of
thing & offer different hardness'es in their backing pads. At least the
brand name Rolocs do, the clones don't & don't say if the pad is flexible.
There are are flexible backing pads that take pressure sensitive
adhesive (PSA) discs. Cheaper than Roloc, which is a quick-change
system. But do the discs stay put with all that flexing?
- is quick change worth it?
- Roloc or clone?
- what size is good? Less that 3" seems too small.
- comments?
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Bob Engelhardt
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