Update on 787 Battery Problems

A documentary (PBS/BBC) showed many details of the development and building of the Boeing 777.
21st Century Jet: Making the Boeing 777.
Design developed on computers, then subcontracted to many vendors including small independent metalworking shops.
New fabrication techniques which hadn't been used previously were applied to the construction of miscellaneous parts and airframe components.
I've seen the series more than once and would watch it again, it's that interesting, to me at least.
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Doing something astonishing is different than doing something safe.
Safe is boring. Crashes, exploding airplanes, and in-air fires are astonishing.
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Tim Wescott
It's hard enough to turn the prototype into working product when engineering and production are in the same building.
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"ECOs can compensate for design errors found during debug or changes that are made to the design specification to compensate for design problems in other areas of the system design."
Considerable effort is needed to make sure they don't interact, and can be applied out of sequence if necessary.
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Jim Wilkins

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