Update on the "mother of all compressors"

This particular mother turns out to have never been used -- as
evidenced by intact crosshatch pattern on the cylinders and other
circumstantial signs like condition of paint near various pipes that
are supposed to be hot when running. It also runs and pumps. I tried
only one pump so far.
However, there is some rust on the valve plates near reed valves due
to condensation. I will have those valve plates precision ground and
that, I think, will get it to top shape.
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Don't let that crosshatch fool you. I have seen nice intact crosshatch on engines torn down after thousands of miles.
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My 1977 Chevy K15 had a 250 straight six. I thought it needed a valve job at 75,000 miles but I was mistaken - turned out a coked up egr caused intermittent ignition stumbles. With the head off I could see a beautiful crosshatch in all cylinders. Terrific engine - body rusted away eventually - engine would have gone another 100,000 miles easily.
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