Welding Torch is allways NEGATIVE

Lets start a big arguement .....
WHY ??
WHY weld negative ?
Cause ya can't get the torch hotter than the work .
Even in old vac tubes , plate ( aka "anode" cause its + )
gets hotter . They had to heat the cathode ! It was
running too cool .
S.S. , tung' negative will keep work hotter than
tung' .. works better .
Stick . 6011 . ! AC is the reason for the noise
and splatter ! Try H'F' e-welder for $200 . Its
very quiet .
Novices notice ,, Stick pos ,, is easier to start .
True , if ya overheat , the stick ,
it sends off electrons easier , but it overheats
the rod , and where are you now !
Lower penetration .
Never use an old 60hz , AC machine ,
they are difficult to weld with .
Learn on a modern hi-frequency D.C. box .
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This had nothing to do with relative temperatures of cathode and anode, nor with the cathode "running too cool". It was pretty fundamentally different from an arc, and doesn't work as an analogy. The cathode had to be heated to boil off electrons, which could then be attracted to the anode.
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Joe Pfeiffer
Learn on an old 60 hz box, you'll be a better welder when you move up in power sources.
electode positive is good on thin sheet metal. ( when stick welding)
Thank You, Randy
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Just think on that statement for a moment...
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand

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