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LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 Alpha Rex with Visual Basic Programming Interface
I need help with programming the Lego Robot commands like forward, backward, left, right commands with Visual Basic 2008 interface I created, I am fairly new to this, and wished I had more programming...
11 years ago 5
Cybermaster 8482
Denmark, The land of Lego :D ------------------------------------- Hi everyone As other on this site I haven't been able to get the CD for the old Lego technic cybermaster, Can anybody help? Lego...
11 years ago 3
NXT and Linux
I found instructions for using the NXT controller with Linux scattered here and there, so I?ve put together an up-to-date description here . The NXT_Python toolkit is really handy. I used it to build...
12 years ago
Mindstorm 'Ultimate Builders Set' CD help
Hello, Just wondering if anyone has the cd for the mindstorm [old] 'Ultimate Builders Set' - # 3800-1 i have lost mine and lego can help ? Thanks in advance Keith Keet schrieb: I *should* have one...
12 years ago 1
lejos and C#
Hello, I've got a bit of a problem here. I have a mindstorm robot which has a java program running under lejos, but now I need a way to send messages to the robot from an webservice. I've found...
18 years ago 2
opinion on Large lot of Lego sensors, NXT stuff Ultrasonik sensor, Train, Electronic Lego pieces, mini motor
Hi, Just posted a lot of Lego specialty parts from a teacher. She is expecting at least $100 on the lot, saying that it is worth if parts bought new approx $300. Some other guy stated that it is not...
14 years ago 4
Looking for Mindstorms 2.0 Robotic Arm Instructions
Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has the instructions for the robotic arm for the 2.0 set. It is on the cd that came with the set. I have the 1.5 set so I don't have the new stuff and I'd...
16 years ago 2
RIS 2.0 (3804) CD
I have lost my Lego3804 CD. Could someone share ISO image of 3804 CD? Please!!!! u can download it at or? I never found it when I was looking a year or so ago. I now use this BricxCC () But its not...
16 years ago 3
set 9719 CDROM iso?
does anyone have a copy? I've lost the CDROM for this version 1.0 set. No-one? At all? The LEGO website and technical support said they had nothing. My only recourse is to ask a user who has a CD to...
14 years ago 1