Bending Aluminium?

Well, while I'm on a roll... ;^)

I have a job that could be conveniently made by putting a couple of bends into an aluminium component.

The ally is of unknown type (scrapyard special!) and .25" thick. The bends would be of about 20 degrees to give a sort of

________ _____/


The component is a lever, so a subsequent failure would be A Bad Thing.

Firstly, is this feasible without risking cracking? And secondly, I assume the bends should be done cold?

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Nigel Eaton
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If it is hard ali then don't try it, it will crack. If it is soft ali then probably no good for the job anyway... Something like NS4 would be OK.

If you don't know what material it is, try a sample first.


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Peter A Forbes

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I've re-thought and I'm going to get the blanks cast, that way I can save a bunch of machining. And my local friendly foundry isn't charging too much either. :^)

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Nigel Eaton

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