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Hobbymat tumbler reverse instructions
Hi, Does anyone happen to have a copy of the instructions for the Hobbymat tumbler reverse add-on? I have a partial copy (the first page) dated 5.11.89 "(C.I.)" but need the rest. Regrettably my...
2 years ago
Pedersen milling machine vpf31 Electrical Drawing
_I Desperately Need Above Model Electrical Wiring Diagram _I Desperately Need Above Model Electrical Wiring Diagram PolyTech Forum
2 years ago 1
Centec Milling Machine Forum
Since Yahoo changed, the Centec Forum seems to have died. I know there are other Centec owners on this group and I wondered if they have any idea of what is happening to the Forum? John H Haven't...
3 years ago 1
tapping very short blind hole
I want to tap a blind hole about 4mm deep in 5mm aluminium plate, without disturbing the other side. M5 thread, or so. Any ideas how to go about it? ta Peter Fairbrother Start with a bottoming tap,...
3 years ago 6
Colchester Lathe forum
The Yahoo Groups Colchester lathe forum was quite busy until a couple or so years ago, but more recently the Yahoo groups seem broken and posts have dried up. Can anyone recommend a forum for this...
4 years ago 5
Modifying a Kity Bestcombi 2000 spindle molder to a router
Just wondering what the panel think to an idea before I start cutting metal or spending money. I'm very pleased with my Bestcombi 2000 (saw, planer/thicknesser, spindle molder, etc.) but I hardly ever...
6 years ago 9
elliott 00 omnimill manual
Anyone got an elliott 00 omnimill manual available???
7 years ago 1
help. super7 topslide
hi, please can anyone help me identify which locking pad is left and which is right? i can see little difference . thanks, john
7 years ago
Hi, I'm looking to have the Flywheel magneto re-energised for my Villiers 98cc 4
Hi, I'm looking to have the Flywheel magneto re-energised for my Villiers 98cc 4F but I am unable to find a servicing company here in the UK, any help would be much appreciated. Launceston. Cornwall....
8 years ago 3
Alternative ER collets?
Does any know what these are called? They are alternatives to ER collets but stiffer, and usually with better accuracy. They fit into any suitably-sized standard ER socket, but instead of the 30...
8 years ago 1
Denham lathe rebuild
I have recently aquired a very old Denham lathe which Tony of tells me is from around 1900 but unfortunately he doesn't have any manuals. Looking at pictures on the net those Denham lathes look...
9 years ago 2
Possible to turn HSS with HSS tools ?
Hi, I read that it is possible to turn HSS with HSS tools but it seems hard to believe. Has anyone done this ? What's the best lubricant to use ? Is it a bit susceptible to fracturing on an...
9 years ago 10
Drill Sharpening
I am fed up with blunt twist drills, and poorly designed, awkward sharpening attachments. Feedback on dedicated sharpening machines welcome. Advice to "build a Quorn" . . . is not ! I see Warco list a...
10 years ago 15
Warco BH600G lathe discontinued ?
Hi, Spurred by another thread I checked Warco's site but cannot find any references to the BH600G. This had a comprehensive series of articles on modifications in one of the ME mags and seemed to me...
10 years ago 1
1/16" bms rod
Does anyone know of a source of 1/16" bms rod? I need some but can't find a supplier. The material needs to be straight, not coiled, and in (preferably) 3ft lengths. All I can find is silver steel or...
10 years ago 5
Micro drill adaptor
I've been looking through the latest ArcEuro catalogue which came with Model Engineer and noticed that they have recently introduced a reasonably priced micro drill adaptor: could reduce the breakage...
10 years ago 7
Chronos Wooden Tool Chest - Any Good?
Hi All. I'm considering getting one of the wooden toolmakers tool chests from Chronos, and would appreciate opinions. Are they well made and built to last? Are the brass bits solid brass, or brass...
11 years ago 10
Myford Emporium of Barnsley
Anyone had any dealings with this Co. or its principal Richard Woodhead? thanks Only to be amused at the fantastical pricing of some of his fleaBay offerings. Richard I doubt anyone is tempted by this...
11 years ago 14
Internal Circlip Groove - How to machine?
I wish to machine a few dozen internal circlip grooves of around 3/8" ID and about 40 thou wide in Acrylic, PTFE and 303 stainless. For an external groove I could probably narrow down a parting off...
11 years ago 8
Barrier hand cream
For years I have used US made DX88 barrier hand cream and Gent-L-Kleen hand cleaner which I bought from Brown Brothers. Now I need some more of both I discover that both Kingfisher, the UK importer,...
11 years ago 18