Female metric spline sleeve

I need a female spline sleeve to repair my flail mower - the female spline has a major diameter of 20mm and has 24 splines about 30mm long.

Amazingly the male splined shaft that mates with this is untouched - there must be a big difference in the hardness of the two materials as the female is virtually smooth now.

I remember a posting here a year or two back pointing to a splined sleeve supplier - any clues welcome


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Andrew Mawson
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Might be easier to replace both parts with a standard spline set with any number of teeth - or find a mate with a shaper.

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Dave Baker


untouched -

materials as

Can't get the male bit out without a MAJOR dismantling Dave

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Andrew Mawson

System H

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John S.

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John S

Not to be confused wit Preparation H of course ;-)

Regards, Tony

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Tony Jeffree

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