ML7 thrust bearing sleeve query

I posted the following message on the MyMyford group in the hope somebody
would have some experience of maintenance of these machines. Perhaps I will
have more luck here.
Thanks, Cliff.
In the process of investigating a knocking noise in the headstock of my ML7
I have have had to dismantle the headstock. This is the second time I have
done this and both times the distance sleeve (item B13 in the Myford manual,
part number 70/1240) to the right of the spindle thrust bearing has been
tremendously tight on the spindle. Bashing the spindle out of this sleeve
and the drive pulley required all my strength behind a 2lb. hammer and still
took 20 blows. There was no corrosion, pitting, scratches or any other fault
holding it on; indeed the surfaces involved are the original finely ground
finishes with no marks at all.
I am inclined to ease the fit somehow, but before I do can anybody suggest
why this sleeve should be so tight? It butts against a shoulder on the
spindle so the thrust bearing will hold it in place, hence I can see no need
for it not to be loose and still function properly.
Incidentally the lathe is number K8733 with the original white metal
Cliff Coggin.
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Cliff Coggin
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