re harrison jubilee lathe

have just purchased from local educational establishment a harrison jubilee wood lathe - although in very good order indeed there are a couple of problems

1] the motor is 3 phase ( as are the safety switches etc) 2] the bowl turning bed ans assembly are missing ( apparently not seen for a long time althoughthe machine itself is late 1980's)

any ideas ladies and getlemen? thanks david

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Hi, If the motor is marked 240/440 volt or similar then an easy solution is to wire it in delta (240 3 phase) and run it from an inverter which would give you speed control -possibly useful when turning big bowls.

If it is 440 volt only then some digging around inside the motor for the point where the three windings meet at the star point and splitting these out into 3 extra wires to the terminal block and you can connect in delta mode as above.

The first is dead easy and inverters can be got on ebay - not as cheap as they used to be but patience can be rewarding. Digging in the windings is an acquired taste but if this fills you with dread then and the inverter route maybe a motor swap to single phase

As for the control gear - you could fit new 240 contactors or maybe buy replacement coils if the contactor is modern or lastly if you have more time than spare cash, rewind the coils. Not easy and only really appropriate to older contactors which are more accessible.

Finally spare parts for woodworking lathes are possibly best sourced via a ww group. There are some here butcher wood as well as metal but not many.

Consider joining this forum. There are lots of helpful woodies here.

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Bob Minchin

Have a look at the information at:-

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think that you will find your lathe to be much older than 1980. There may be a serial number stamped into the top of the bed at the tailstock end. You can work out the age from the chart here:-
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If I were you I would keep the 3 phase motor and use it with an inverter to provide variable speed control and reversing options. Speak to Dennis Ribbons at:-
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Lee Cooper at:-
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Dennis or Lee would be the starting point for tracking down the outboard bed assembly. If they haven't got one I wouldn't know where to start.

Best of luck


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