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I need a couple of bolts, about 1" + long. The thread is 0.368" (
presumably 3/8") by 20 threads per inch, as nearly as I can measure it.
Is this a known thread? 3/8 UNC would be 16 tpi, and UNF 24 .. comes
off (or on?) a BCA jig borer.
Any idea where to get some bolts?
-- Peter Fairbrother
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Peter Fairbrother
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3/8" BSF is 20 TPI
formatting link
. I expect AKB in Bath might have some, my neighbour also may as he has quite an assortment of BA, BSF, BSW so I could ask him if you want.
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David Billington
Wow, that was quick - 6 minutes!
That's the magic phrase, thanks very much - I can now search google and ebay, and I find there are many available.
rats, I was there yesterday ..
my neighbour also may as he has quite an
Thanks, but ebay will provide.
-- Peter
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Peter Fairbrother

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