white elephant is a 132.01 hobber

Mikron hobbing machine arrived today and turned out to be a 132.01 good or
bad ?
seems to be a distinct lack of change wheels
make or buy ?
and the drive shaft for the reduction gear is absent but I may be able to
use the other one ? the more experienced users/professionals my be able to
advise me ?
what dp / module would the gears be i.e. feed and speed
a good book (its cold out side) on using this type of hobber
Thanks Andrew Bishop
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Andrew Bishop
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All I can contribute without seeing your machine in detail is that for my 102 the pitch changewheels are 1.25 mod, & I'm 95% sure, without checking, that the feed wheels are 1 mod. Have you asked the vendor whether he has any? May have tucked them away in view of the low price it fetched, & might be open to negotiation. As for making vs buying, that's partly a matter of what facilities you have for making, and how you value your time. I've found it useful having a hob to match the changewheels, so that I can make my own on the hobber using a borrowed gear in the train. Myford gears are close enough to 1.25 mod for this job on my machine.
If you've got at least one hob, work out what gears you can cut and play with it, see what happens. If you're not familiar with making gears by any means, Ivan Law's little book is a very good place to start.
Not quite sure what you mean about the drive shafts, may not be relevant to my machine.
Cheers Tim
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Tim Leech
have asked the seller and hope to hear good news can confirm that 1.25 and 1 module the shaft drives the cutter direct (have shaft ) cutter driven via reduction (no shaft missing?)
thanks for the help
Andrew Bishop
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Andrew Bishop

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