group order: 40mm,18slot statorlaminations

Goedendag ;-)
Can someone please post this message also in
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Ralph Okon (a.k.a.
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is putting together a group order for
40mm. diameter, 18pole statorlaminations. A minimum order of 5000
laminations is needed to start a production run. Minimum order per person is
50. One 0.20mm lamination (NO20 iron quality) will cost 0.5?. Flux ring and
frontplates will probably also be available by then. Keep in mind, this is
not a business for Ralph, he's in the business of curing people :-)
More info on ordering;
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I'll post this in several lists/forums, think it's best if we all
discussed/asked in the thread above.
Vriendelijke groeten ;-) Ron van Sommeren
near Nijmegen, the Netherlands
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