Inter-Ex 2006 videos, experimental & strange models

Goedendag ;-)
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event for experimental & strange models event is held
every year, alternatingly in the Netherlands (Nederweert, near Eindhoven)
and Germany (Ostrachtal). In 2005 it was held for the first time in France
(near Paris). The first event took place in 1984 and was initiated by Jupp
Wimmer. This year the weather was not particularly good, which accounts for
the lower attendance compared to previous years.
In 2007 it's Ostrachtal's turn again, september 1 & 2. Ostrachtal is located
in South-Germany, near Friedrichshafen and the Bodensee.
Pictures and videos of this year's event in the Netherlands (September 2&3)
*Excellent video by Jürgen Heilig
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* Videoshots of airliner and pulse-jet:
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*The German ARD tv station did a daytime broadcast. Two videocaptures are
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(10MByte, lower
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(127MByte, high
* About 80 pictures, made by Toine Martens
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* Video Inter-Ex France in 2005:
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* Video of the Horten IX twin-turbine at the 2003 Inter-Ex
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Pictures made during building:
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> photo gallery > Horten 9
Videos and pictures of previous events can be found on the
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starting as far back as 1984.
Vriendelijke groeten ;-) Ron van Sommeren
near Nijmegen, the Netherlands
2007 E-fly-in, Aug.26.
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