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How to increase mfi of a filler master batch
I would like to know how to increase mfi of a filler master batch compound Base resin Lldpe One option is to increase the percentage of base resin LDPE and reduce the amount of filler in the master...
6 years ago 1
How to remove cement from plastic
Please how do I remove cement from plastic windows
6 years ago
inner diameter tube polyurethane coating
hello! i would like to get some advice on what type of resin should i choose. i want to make a resin coating on the inner diameter of a tube. The way the coating will be made is the following....
8 years ago
rubber reclaiming agent
I would like to introduce our self as the manufacturer & exporter of Rubber Reclaiming Agent, Chemical name: DI-XYLENE DI-SULPHIDE, it used as a catalyst in the process of making reclaim rubber. Any...
15 years ago
HDPE & LLDPE or mLDPE blend
Is possible to blend a HDPE (0.95, 1 MI 5kg) used in blown film, with LLDPE or mLDPE to reduce the density? Has anyone info about this? Regards Yes, but density of PE can be very misleading. Let me...
15 years ago 1
PROTECTIVE COATINGS Book by Clive H. Hare on Eaby!
Hi, I have just listed on ebay the text book 'PROTECTIVE COATINGS - Fundamentals of Chemistry & Composition' By Clive H Hare. The book is 514 pages and an essential read for those studying or working...
15 years ago
How to dissolve coloured transparent ABS Lego bricks?
I'm looking for a solution (no pun intended) to my problem and am hoping someone here can help. Unlike regular (solid colour) ABS bricks, coloured transparent ABS Lego bricks do not dissolve in either...
16 years ago 15
polymers: calculate degree of crystallinity?
polymers: calculate degree of crystallinity? in [1[2,3]] an equation for quiscent crystallisation kinetics, calculating "material derivative" or relative degree of crystallisation is given: (1*)...
16 years ago 5
PVC extrusion speed...
I just began my new job. We have a rigid PVC product ('W' shape). The engineering quote extrusion speed is 1500ft/hr, while our actual extrusion speed is 700ft/hr. This made we lost a lot of money. We...
17 years ago 15
Kraton G-1650 to make sticky gel
Hi.. I need some advise about Kraton G-1650. I had posted about how to make sticky gel. Some advised mention to use Kraton G-1650 added up with miniral oil. I will get the sticky gel. I'm follow the...
18 years ago 1
differences between polycarbonate (lexan) and PETG
I am apprentice starting in vacuum forming and would like to know the similarities and differences in these two materials in sheet format. I a starting to work with thicknesses of 0.020" to 0.060". I...
17 years ago 3
Re: Resistance of epoxies to ozone
Most epoxies are based on diglycidylated aromatic nuclei. Ozone cleaves benzene rings as well as all other unsaturated systems. You are eaten if you are limited to common organics. One hope is to load...
16 years ago 1
softening nylon 6/6
I need a mopst efficient way to soften nylon 6/6 without changing any of its properties. These are small dowels with .0.018" deep grooves around them and they are supposed to lock into brass tubing...
16 years ago 7
thermoplastic polyurethane with high melt flow index
I'm looking for TP=DC with a high MVI > 80 cc/10 min (@160 =B0C/2.16 kg). If possible the polymer must also have some elongation. And must have some restance to hydrolysis I'm looking for TPÜ with a...
16 years ago 3
Please Help... Polishing Polyethylene
I know it sounds weird. I've got a polythene bodied RC car. I use elbow grease and plain white toothpaste. No, really, give it a go once you're down to the fine scratch stage. I recommend buffing...
5 years ago 1
How to cure diluted PDMS with solvent
Hi, I am doing some work with adding on a thin layer of PDMS that is diluted with a solvent (DCM, THF, 1,4-Dioxane) on a silicon wafer by spin-coating or drop coating. My problem is that I have...
7 years ago
PP and LDPE blend
Hi, I would like to know if I blend PP and LDPE for extrusion. What is maxium percentage of LDPE can be used? and I heard that i need to add random copolymer PP in PP and LDPE blend to help the...
14 years ago 5
Restoring Melmac dinnerware?
At our cabin in CO we have a set of Brookpark Modern Design pink and black Melmac dinnerware. I've been replacing missing pieces, but some of the replacements are quite worn - fine scratching being...
15 years ago 3
What is Melt tension(strength) in PE, PP
Hello, everyone I don't know the meaning of melt tension(strength) in polymer, especially PE, PP. I would like to know what melt tension is and why it is measured in PE, PP processing. please teach me...
15 years ago 6
What's PVDA - polyvinylidene acetate?
Have you ever heard about PVDA - polyvinylidene acetate? I have searched in the web and in some text book but I can't get more than the molecular structure. Can anyone give some advice what kind of...
15 years ago 2