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Datum Curve by Equation and Parameters
Geetings: I'm new to Creo, but used Pro/E back in Ver. 20 and some WF releases. I have a defined model PARameter and would like to use it as an end value for the variable 't' when creating a Datum...
10 years ago 1
WF2-how do I copy a Coordinate system from one assy to another?
I have partially figured this out via cut and paste, but to get the Csys in the same location in the target assy, I have to reference the datums in the assy I'm copying from, which creates external...
12 years ago 3
Wildfire 4 + moldbase extension EMX
Hello, I'm currently designing plastic molds with WF3+EMX4.1. (I haven't quite accepted the quite different EMX5.0 , but maybe that will change once I learn it) Recently I decided to see what had...
14 years ago 3
Regenerating Assemblies
So you open an assembly that you know needs to be regenerated (in my case because I have a master part that I have modified which is referenced into about 20 child parts). How do you stop the assembly...
14 years ago 20
"Select highlighted balloon to take quantity from"
The problem with this message is usually that the 'highlighted' quantity balloon is on another sheet and the brilliant authors of Pro/e are mocking you by graying out the change sheet icon. IOW, you...
14 years ago
Export datum point array to xyz coordinates
I have a good number of points defined using a datum point array. Is there any way to get the xyz coordinates of all the points other than measuring each point's position relative to the origin? I...
15 years ago 14
repeat regions - family table instance names.
Hello, I have a repeat region displaying a family table, and in this family table, the instances have a part number followed by a suffix, e.g. 12345_SUFFIX. I have done this before but can't remember...
15 years ago 5
'Cannot connect to PTC Name Service. Please ensure that it has been started'
LS, I'm a newbie to Pro-E and would like to know what this message is and how I can solve this. Thanks! JJ It's a known bug. Go to and download nmsd.exe file for your Pro/INTRALINK version. Replace it...
15 years ago 6
License.dat File Removal
Hello, How can I remove the license.dat file from my computer? I had an old trial version of Pro/E and now it is giving me trouble when I try and install Wildfire 3.0. Thanks, Bashir This is a...
15 years ago 4
set surface area and mass in the note
HI, I would like to set note that will shown "surface area"and "weight" value, thank, henry Set up parameters for your display and then set the parameter equal to the calculation in relations. Weight...
16 years ago 10
400+ FREE AutoLisp routines for download
TechCenter - The Ultimate Auolisp library resource URL: you visited the TechCenter lately? The TechCenter is a FREE AutoLisp source code repository from Four Dimension Technologies, Bangalore, India....
17 years ago
Radii of gyration
Does anyone know what the proper term is to be used to enter the radii of gyration in a relation in Wildfire? It is calculated in the mass properties but there does not seem to be a parameter listed...
18 years ago 3
starting with jlink; pointer to a hello world ?
Hi all, I'm just tinkering with jlink, well mostly I'm fascinated by the fact that it should be able to be a very powerful tool, but there is simply no good documentation, anywhere. There's a user...
18 years ago 1
overriding dimension values in drawings
hi, got a couple questions for 2001: 1. Can anyone tell me how to override dimension values in drawings??? I tried thru properties but it keeps the original dimension. 2. Also I have a drawing...
18 years ago 4
solid from facets ?
Hi there, can anyone help me? I want to obtain a solid model from a facets feature....please!!! Maurizio The technology to convert a faceted solid into a feature-based model does not exist in Pro/E....
18 years ago 3
About trail file function
Does anyone know and how to make use of it, I know a little about it that it may recover a file and will show the previous steps that done on the file. Many Thanks, Mike PTC is quite used to Pro/e...
18 years ago 4
Help Please-Applications of Trajpar Variable
Hi All, I expect help regarding trajpar variable and its usage 1)Examples where it is used I saw its application only in Var Sec Swp 2)In relation where part dimensions are assigned to sketcher...
15 years ago 7
Add hatch to drawing!
Hello I'm using WF 2.0 Imagine a rectangle with another rectangle extruded & centered in the middle! When I show this in a drawing I want to cross hatch the middle rectangle then have a note saying...
16 years ago 7
Remove Windchill and ModelCheck Parameters from Part
Hi all- I have a part here (recieved from a customer checked out from Windchill) that needs to be checked into another customers Teamcenter PLM system. I do not have any type of access to this...
15 years ago 5
Question about metric units used (mmKs v.s. mmNs)
I was wondering if there was any reason to prefer one of these to systems of units over the other. I notice that the "mmNs" setting calculates mass properties in metric tonnes (which doesn't seem...
17 years ago 2