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Security Robots Most Immune To Robots/ Automatization?

January 16, 2018, 9:36 pm

Autonomous surveillance devices possessing cameras on wheels and roll aroun d patrolling any specific area assigned are known as security robots. These robots assist the guards in security by aler... Read more »

Any Info for NND Nakanippon Robot Arm (Small)

September 19, 2017, 4:00 pm

Dear All I am looking for information and particularly software to run an old NND Nakanippon Electric Co's 5 axis robotic arm. It was painted bright orange by the factory and consist of 1. 5 axis ... Read more »

Security Robots Market - Business Opportunities, Development Trends and Rev...

September 7, 2017, 10:34 am

Autonomous surveillance devices possessing cameras on wheels and roll aroun d patrolling any specific area assigned are known as security robots. These robots assist the guards in security by aler... Read more »

Sourcing parts from China based companies

August 27, 2017, 1:53 am

*FIRST POST* Hi guys, I am quite curious about Chinese-based companies, and I know there are prejudice when it comes to products coming from them, but I would like to know, from the perspective of wh... Read more »

KUKA RC - Robot

August 16, 2017, 1:17 pm

Hey, I am new to robotics and I want to understand what a Kuka Robot Controller (like the Kuka KRC4) is communicating to the robot? What signals are used there, and what communication standards? On t... Read more »

[M] Battle Bots - coming to a war near you

July 19, 2017, 12:18 pm

Title: Russia is Building War Robots: a Fully-Automated Kalashnikov Neural Network Gun Author: Fnord666 Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2017 14:19:00 -0400 Link: Read more »

Tips for Testing KUKA Callibration

July 13, 2017, 9:32 pm

Hey there! Our new KUKA robot is currently being installed and configured as we speak. Before the team of engineers that are setting it up leave, I would love some feedback and any suggestions on how... Read more »

Best Dust Collection System for Fab Lab?

July 11, 2017, 4:20 pm

Hi there! We are opening a one-of-a-kind Fab Lab, and are looking for recommendations / advice on the best dust collection systems for the type of work that we will be doing in our shop. BACKGROUND -... Read more »

keypoint matching

April 17, 2017, 5:55 am

Hi, I have been asked to do familiar scene recognition with sift keypoint match ing and homography. I have adapte dthe sift_mosaic.m code from vlfeat libra ry. My results show many inliers which ... Read more »

Motor like wiper motor with 100+rpm

March 8, 2017, 10:29 am

Hi, I'm in the need of a worm geared like wiper motor but with 100+ rpm. Bosch has a motor like it code F006B20102 but I'm unable to find it in USA. Some similar motor or some workaround would be app... Read more »

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COMAU Tricept HP1 with C3G

rating: 5

Hello, is there anybody out there who is familiar with the mentioned robot. We got one here and want to use it for handling a laser. The problem is, that we don=B4t know anybody who is familiar with ... Read more »

help on 10 wire stepper motor

rating: 5

Hi, I have a surplus stepper motor which I plan to use in robot project. Unfortunately I have not been able to understand its wiring. (It has 10 wires coming out of it.). So I dared to open it up to ... Read more »

Stepper motors (2)

rating: 5

Hello everybody, I want to add a motor to my webcam to be able to turn it remotely and I want to do this out of spare computer parts, if possible. I've obtained a 4 phase unipolar stepper motor from... Read more »

Minimal multi-drop serial protocol for motor controllors and sensors.

rating: 5
  [ 2 ]

I've been thinking about requirements for a protocol as described in the Subject. The idea is to use it in robots etc as a flexible interconnect for actuators and sensors. The requirements as I see t... Read more »

flanged ball bearings

rating: 5

Hi, I noticed some lovely flanged ball bearings in Dennis Clark's book on buidling drive trains. I've spent about a week looking for these without much success. Anyone with any ideas where to so... Read more »

Mechanical design of Mars rover mobility subsystem

rating: 5

Hello, I want to ask expert advise if someone on this group can explain (and/ or provide related URL) how the Mars rover's mobility system (particularly the differential mechanism) works? Following i... Read more »

Need references on Ackerman steering, theory and kinematics

rating: 5

I've been asked to take a look at algorithms for treating an Ackerman steering system for a robotics path-planning application. Although I've done web searches and found thousands of references, few ... Read more »

Seeking Info: VSI Pan/Tilt/Zoom Mount Model 4600000G1

rating: 5

I have a number of these units but cannot find any details regarding interfacing, etc. The label only shows VSI PAN TILT MODEL 4600000G1, apparently mfg 1995. They were likely intended for remote p... Read more »

Sharp LCD screen

rating: 5

Howdy all. I was rooting through a box of old/misc electronics stuff, and I came across an old Gameboy Pocket that I had forgotten about. I turned it on, it i disassembled it, scroungin... Read more »

Unmanned Ground and Sea Systems Conference

rating: 5

Unmanned Ground and Sea Systems Conference April 5-7, 2006 - Washington, DC April 5, 2006: DAY 1 0900-0905 Administrative Announcements 0905-0935 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Challenges Facing the Unmanned Syste... Read more » is a website by engineers for engineers. It is not affiliated with any of manufacturers or vendors discussed here. All logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners.