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Motor like wiper motor with 100+rpm
Hi, I'm in the need of a worm geared like wiper motor but with 100+ rpm. Bosch has a motor like it code F006B20102 but I'm unable to find it in USA. Some similar motor or some workaround would be...
5 years ago
Autonomous robot's navigation
Since October 2007 I developed new object recognition algorithm "Associative Video Memory" (AVM). Algorithm AVM uses a principle of multilevel decomposition of recognition matrices, it is steady...
11 years ago 3
Cheapest micro-processor based robot
Dear all, I have question for all of you robot fans or experts. Which is the cheapest robot controlled by a micro-processor ? I have bought a Wowee robot in the mini series to realize that they do not...
11 years ago 8
small hub motors
Does anyone know where to buy a small hub motor and wheel? I am looking for something in the 8 to 14 inch range and maybe about 10 to 20 watts. Google only seems to turn up bicycle hub motors that...
11 years ago 13
Scorbot ER-III - which teach pendant?
Hi all, I am building my little robotics hobby lab here and the Eshed Robotec's equipment seems well suited for the task and (relatively) inexpensively available at eBay. However, I'm having no luck...
12 years ago 1
IR Distance Sensor
Hi all, I know this has been covered before and the conclusion was to use a sharp IR sensor...but! I don't need an accurate distance, I just want a relative distance - moving closer, moving further...
13 years ago 2
Mechanical design of Mars rover mobility subsystem
Hello, I want to ask expert advise if someone on this group can explain (and/ or provide related URL) how the Mars rover's mobility system (particularly the differential mechanism) works? Following is...
14 years ago 19
Fanuc Robots using IGS file
Has anyone been able to download an IGS file to a Fanuc robot, and have the robot move to dimensions from the file? Hi Wiggy, To do that you need the Fanuc robot programmer which is an off-line...
14 years ago 2
New Robotics Website:
Well it has been a long time coming, but its time to finally announce my web site: was hoping to have everything perfect, but it seems to be a continuous work in progress, so here it is - good and...
14 years ago 13
Project Aiko Female Android Robot AI
What is Project-Aiko? Here at Project Aiko, we are trying to design an artificial intelligence neural network system which uses both dynamic software and hardware linked together to mimic some human...
14 years ago 4
Aluminum Extrusion Profiles for mounting NEMA 23 ?
While researching the various ways to convert my Sherline mill to CNC it = occured to me that certain profiles of aluminum extrusions might be = perfect for mounting some NEMA 23 and other "format"...
15 years ago
help on 10 wire stepper motor
Hi, I have a surplus stepper motor which I plan to use in robot project. Unfortunately I have not been able to understand its wiring. (It has 10 wires coming out of it.). So I dared to open it up to...
15 years ago 6
Attaching wheels to wiper motors
I have two trico wiper motors, both with a short threaded shaft. Will I have to get an engineering company to make something to attach the wheels with, or is there an "off the shelf" solution? Thanks!...
15 years ago 2
Ann: Robotics miniFAQ
The "Robotics miniFAQ for Beginners" is a general introduction to amateur robotics that should be especially helpful to those getting started in this fascinating hobby/obsession. It contains links to...
15 years ago 12
two questions about quadrature decoders
I'm looking to count revolutions on a fast (e.g. 2000-4000 RPM) motor output shaft. I can easily put in a couple of optical switches and an interrupt disk. This leaves me pondering quadrature...
15 years ago 11
really cheap R/C servo tester ?
Is there a really cheap way to make an R/C servo tester that cycles it back and forth ? I'm talking less than 10 bucks. I saw something at Lynxmotion or Parallax or somewhere like that for around $18....
15 years ago 13
Low cost Pocket Infrared Thermometer with Laser Marker from DSE
Hi Dick Smith Electronics (DSE) sells a low cost (A$49.96) "Pocket Infrared Thermometer with Laser Marker" (Cat No. Q1371) Is there any one out there who can tell me the part number (and specs) of the...
15 years ago
is there a ratcheting servo device ?
Has anyone ever heard of a (hobby sized) servo device that would let you, say rotate a servo arm to close a pair of grippers, then lock it in place mechanically so you wouldn't need to keep powering...
15 years ago 6
Salvaging Components---Where Do YOU Get Them?
When building somethng like a CNC machine, robot or automatic beer dispenser, many of us reuse components from many different sources that we find dumpsters, junkyards, scraping older...
15 years ago 68
Roboscout - Any info?
I just picked up one of these at a flea market. Paid $120. I couldn't resist. Unsure if it worked, it still looked so darn cute. I brought it home, and it worked just fine. Bot and remote worked...
16 years ago 6