Dear Group,

We have developed a new multi-purpose home automation application for Windows XP that may prove useful in the monitoring & testing of CMOS / TTL logic and interfacing circuitry, as it's particularly good with interfacing with generic serial devices and parallel (printer port & bus type) input / output boards, which we thought you might find interesting.

The program may also be utilised as part of another project to provide computer monitoring & control, speech interface, etc.

The new program integrates many advanced features to offer wide ranging flexibility within an easy to use and understand application.

Featuring Scheduling / Conditional Events, 2-way Speech, Remote Control & Reporting, Digital I/O, Serial Data (RS-232 / RS-485), X10, File Data, E-Mail Alerts, Sunrise / Sunset, Screen Overlay Scenes, Data Logging + more!

For more details, please visit

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Thank you for your interest.

Robin Grunwald Acentient Software

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