seeking help with drumbot (robotic drummer)

Has anyone built one?
My first challenge is finding the solenoids. I know what one is, but
the article in MAKE wasn't clear about where to get these or what
exactly type to buy (the only place I know around here that carries
them is Home Depot for sprinkler valves and they're expensive). I
haven't found much info online.
In general I would be interested in hearing about anyone's drumbot
projects & experiences... (or any kind of projects involving
mechanical/computer control of non-electronic instruments)
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Mad Scientist Jr
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Don't know about drumbots, but Alistair Riddell at anu's sound art & physical computing might have some pointers. He build at least 3 solenoid-controlled pianos over the years.
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You might try looking for places that sell parts for pinball machines. One machine uses a few of them and they are a fairly high failure item. They used to be inexpensive, but that was a long time ago.
Good Luck, BobH
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John Mianowski
--FWIW I've messed with solenoid valves for a Stamp calliope; one would imagine bare solenoids are cheaper at least. If you need a dozen or so ebay is your friend: got my valves for 1/4 retail price.
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My first challenge is finding the solenoids.
I haven't made one, but Here are few choice sources. A lot depends on how much force you need. Some of these won't have any specs. However, the general energy formulas apply. Energy in = energy out. Also, be concerned about how much current they draw when actuated for more than a brief time. They act like a short, with a low value resistance.
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starting at $1.50.
American Science and Surplus has them at $2.75
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at $1.
and finally here is
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at $2.95
Can you tell that I am unemployed and looking for things to do! If anyone is looking for a CAD expert with machine design experience, please contact me. I am in the Eastern PA area, but will also consider moving to central & eastern GA, or central& south FL.
Joe Dunfee cadcoke 5 (at)
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I wonder if the aftermarket electrically-operated trunk releases might not be a really good source for solenoids....
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Joe Pfeiffer

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