whos up to what?


anyone making any neat robots?

I'v got a number of the things I'v made posted on my website:

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I have a spare one of the new motor drivers I'v made for 'smoking progress', online for sale, should anyone be interested...

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I'v been working on a new robot, I have the avr's to make a controller for it now too :)

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and most recently made progress on buddy II

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I'd be interested to know if anyone here is working on anything similar to these...

party on! Dan

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dan williams
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Thanks for sharing good tips. The pictures needs a bit of compressing on the first page. I can only download 2 pics. My network is mighty slow.

It's freezing outside. So I'm thinking of making a radio mower robot. I meant a remote controlled mower 'that looks like a robot.'

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Tim Zimmerman


I notice you use Li-ions a fair bit. What do you use to charge them? I'm planning on using them for my walker, but understand they need special care when charging.

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I`m still collecting junk! The images on your website need thumbnailing to make loading more bareable.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Ashley Clarke

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Mr Clarke

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