[AD] vacuum bag resin infusion

I inspiration in a tutorial on vacuum bag resin infusion at
formatting link
equipment was pretty simple: only a home built vacuum pot is required in
addition to normal vacuum bag
If your unfamiliar with vacuum bag resin infusion; It lets you dry assemble
your rocket (fins, tube, and nose cone),
and then using a vacuum, infuse the epoxy into the airframe. The vacuum is
further maintained to clamp
everything together until cure. Its clean, single step method of gluing an
entire rocket together at once.
After a long period of build up, I've gotten around to experimenting with
it. You should
be able to find a 4meg pdf write up of the experiments in
The [AD] part? With a bit of work, you could use this method with any
rocket, however the shown
upscale Goblin airframe skins are available from Magnum, and can simplify
things a bit.
Fly Fast,...
Eric Pearson
See you at LDRS
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