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Cesaroni motors
Hello, In the Pro75 6g series, 7455M2150-P and Pro75 6G 8429M2020-P. In the Pro75 3G series, 3727L1050-P and Pro75 3G 3683L851-P. we couldn't find detailed technical drawings of their engines and...
2 years ago 1
burn rate measurement method?
Has anyone tried casting propellants into drinking straws to measure burn rates? It seems like that might be a good way to make consistently sized samples for burn rate measurements. That will give...
11 years ago 8
Philadelphia - PARA Launch on for 12/3
See for details The weather looks great - if you compare it to the midwest and not bad by local standards for this time of year. Phil I'll be flying in, but not for the launch and I won't arrive until...
15 years ago 1
Smoke tracking.
I am looking for a smoke mixture that I can have the second stage Estes D engine light so I can track the final path of a rocket. It must be low flame so it wouldn't start a fire if the rocket crashes...
15 years ago 4
Capacitor discharge ignition
I'm about to start work on a 2.25" 29mm two stager and have been wondering how I'm going to handle the ignition of the sustainer. I could use a commercial rocket timer/stager but the $$$$ is a factor....
15 years ago 19
why are hybrid rocket motors regulated by NFPA?
can somebody explain to me why hybrid rocket motors are regulated by the nfpa? I mean Nitrous oxide and plastic/paper/whatever are NOT explosive as far as I know. Nor it it considered a flammable...
15 years ago 25
Corporal scale data
Could anybody please point me in the direction of scale data of the US Army Corporal rocket? I've found a bunch of photos on the 'net, but I'm yet to find any scale data. Wac Corporal drawings can be...
15 years ago 6
what did we win in the lawsuit against the atf?
can anyone explain in simple terms what it is that we won in our lawsuit against the ATF? I thought it was that motors are not considered explosives? why do we still nead a permit for easy access 29 &...
16 years ago 37
Lost my USB cord for my Estes Oracle. Any one have a spare they would sell me?
If any one out there has an Estes Oracle USB cord they would like to part with I would be willing to buy it. I lost my Estes Oracle USB cord. I tried to get one from Estes by phone and their customer...
16 years ago 11
Build a Homemade Laboratory Scale
Hi Folks: This post is to announce a new Teleflite publication in eBook format. It will teach you how to make a high precision laboratory scale with simple hobby tools and things you can buy at a...
16 years ago 8
Early Igniter history
I'm trying to do an early history of model rocket igniters from circa 57 to say 71 ( I may extend this later). I got into the hobby in 1967 and the igniters I remember using were nichrome wire that...
16 years ago 13
Hobbytown USA brand Epoxy
Does anyone use Hobbytown USA brand 30-min epoxy and can say if it's any good or not? I normally use NHP brand but my close-by shops are out of it. I happened to be on the other side of town near the...
16 years ago 7
Topics in advanced model rocketry
Hi folks! Somebody remember the web adress at MIT where the Gordon book is available (with a password exclusively for the personel of MIT). A copy of the book "Topics in Advanced Model Rocketry" can...
16 years ago 2
Giant scale B-52--with 8 turbines!
Anybody see this giant scale B-52? has 8 "real turbines" at about $1500 each! It has a wing span of about 22 feet, and weighs 330 lb fully fueled. Takes multiple pilots, as there are so many things to...
16 years ago 4
[F-FT] Comments on motor decertification requested
I've never quite understood the rationale behind having motors decertified for sport use, and I'd appreciate it if folks (especially those who may have been involved in some of the decisions over the...
17 years ago 82
The Rocketeer Collector's Journal
Does anybody remember this publication? It was published from January 1995 to at least March 1998. I was a subscriber from it's inception. I received the first thirteen issues, and then they just...
17 years ago 1
[F-FT] Level 1 rocket
What recommendations to folks have for a mid-power rocket that could also be used as a Level 1 certification rocket? Any pros/cons of your suggested model would be appreciated. Since NSL is near me...
17 years ago 55
Kevin Funk would be proud of this
If only he could see this... Shecter NAR 20117 Kevin would have showed more... Bob Kaplow NAR # 18L TRA # "Impeach the TRA BoD" >>> To reply,...
17 years ago 18
Gates Brothers Rocketry
Anyone know what happened to the Gates Brothers? I noticed their website was "temporarily unavailable" ... just wondered what was up. They posted a note a few days ago -- search back a few threads (I...
17 years ago 2
cp/cg decals or stickers?
BSD Rocketry used to supply some of these IIRC. I saw in an older rocket magazine an ad for CP and CG stickers or decals for putting on your rockets. Can anyone direct me to the vender or a vender...
17 years ago 9