FS: OOP, Rare and Obscure Catalogs; lowered prices

Hi all,
I cut prices and a reposting this. Please buy, as I need cash ASAP. :-)
I have the following old model rocket catalogs for sale. I hate
auctions, so I just want to straight-sell these. Prices are pretty firm, but if you want to buy a lot, we can talk. Buyer pays all shipping. That will be USPS Express Mail, most likely, unless otherwise asked. Insurance extra. I can accept PayPal, money orders or cash. NO PERSONAL CHECKS!
All catalogs are in excellent condition, but not perfect. I take care of them, but also like to look through them, OK? Some are in lesser condition; I marked those. Some come with extras; I marked those, too. Please buy, as I need to raise cash quick, which is why I'm selling them.
Again, I need to sell. If you want to haggle, I'll listen.
DTP = desktop published; heavy paper stock with heavy card stock covers. Prices are in dollars. Here we go:
CENTURI 1981 (SR-71 cover) - 10 1979 (UFO, Buck Rogers cover) - 10 1974-5 (Skylab cover) - 18 1971 - (Orion cover; major edge wear, crinkles and tears along fold but not bad; "Free" written on cover in magic marker; long term moisture wear; still in pretty decent shape, though) - 20
QUEST 2000 - 4 (2) 1995-6? (Come with "Toy Biz" stickers on front and back; one has a "1997 Catalog coming soon!" gold sticker on front - 3 1992 - 5
FSI 1994 (Slight water marks on front; includes price sheet and order form!) - 15 1991 (Water damage to top left, not severe; stains around top staple; includes price sheet and order form!) - 15
TIFFANY HOBBIES ROCKET KITS (Early THOY) 1992-3 (Staple holes on edge; mail stickers, address, postage stuff on back; cover wear) - 10 1990 (Paper catalog; DTP; mint-green cover, black and white inside; price sheet and "Night Hawk" rocket insert) - 12 (RARE!)
PUBLIC MISSILES LTD. 1993 - 6 1993 (Includes "Triton Concept" flyer; price sheet and order forms) - 10 "No. 5" (Date not known) - 15 1990 (Yellow paper cover; DTP; black and white inside; price sheets, order forms, flyer) - 10 Two-sided 6Poster catalog! (Date unknown; some edge wear) (RARE!) - 10
ESTES 81 - 15 83 (Some fold wear) - 15 85 - 10 87 (Some cover wear) - 10 88 - 10 90 - 10 91 (Paper outer cover with "Welcome to Model Rocketry"; free rocket offer; NAR registration; warnings to various state customers; peel-off address label) - 10 91 (Without the above; plain catalog with gold "10th anniversary Belleville Wholesale Hobby" sticker!) - 8 91 (Just the catalog!) - 5 92 - 8 92 (Price sticker on front and one-inch tear on cover) - 5 93 (Slight cover wear and price sticker) - 5 95 - 5 95 (Some cover wear at bottom, but with "1996 New Estes Product Information Inside!" printed on front; comes with price sheet and eight-pages of gliders, BackYard Rockets, and new kits) - 5 (2) "Alpha Book of Model Rocketry" (Age not known; come with "Designers Plan Sheet" and "Flight Data Sheets"!) - 5
ESTES/COX 98 (Estes catalog with Cox products, price sticker; cover very worn and torn along spine) - 3 97 (Estes catalog with Cox products, Star Wars; very minor front cover wear) - 3 2000 - (Large magazine format with Cox airplanes) - 3 01 - (Large magazine format with Cox airplanes) - 3
MRC Magazine format, original line catalog! (ie. Moonraker, Rebel, Hot Shot, etc.); date unknown, but has "10 Anniversary Belleville Wholesale Hobby" gold sticker - 10 (RARE!)
CUSTOM 93 (Magazine format; some cover wear) - 7 93 (Same as above, but double-folded for envelope mailing) - 5 94-5 (Cover wear from double-folding for mailing) - 4
MISCELLANEOUS 1. AAA Model Aviation Fuels 1990 (Yellowed edge; address and postage, etc. on back; has price sheet and errata sheet) - 12 (RARE!) 2. LOC/Precision 1991 - Price sheet and TRA application; slight edge wear) - 8 3. SMI Space Models International (Canadian) 1991 (Three loose, envelope-folded pages: slick paper kit line-up picture; order page; "Dear U.S. Rocketeer" letter about coming catalog) - 20 (RARE!) 4. Original Rockets catalog 1991 (catalog printed on colored papers w/DTP with shock cord samples glued in! Lots of inserts, price sheets, other coolness.) - 10 (REALLY RARE!) 5. MRC COncept II flyer, early 90s (gold sticker with "10 Anniversary Belleville Wholesale Hobby"; color, slick paper, 11x8 folded over twice to envelope size) - 6 6. Apogee Components catalog, date unsure early 90s (includes "Medalist motors" flyer and price sheets) - 5 7. High Sierra Rocketry 91 (HPR reseller; Vulcan, AT, ISP, and US ROCKETS! motors & KITS listed; early ISP (pre-Aerotech) reloadables listed with data; souvenir from the early wildn'n'wooly days) - 5 8. Aerotech 1990 (Large magazine format; many inserts with some ISP, motor curves and data; single-use motor cutaway and formula info) - 10 (RARE!) 9A. Rocket R&D (also Rocket Research) 1990 (Early HPR reseller company; THOY, AT kits and parts; AT and ISP motors; price sheets, inserts, "New Low Pricing" notice stapled in; address label on back) - 5 (RARE!!) 9B. Rocket R&D 1992-3 (Later catalog from above; HPR resellers: Excel, AT, ISP, Public Missiles, THOY, parts and components and supplies; magazine format on heavy paper; black and white; from the wild'n'wooly days;) - 5 10. DARE Hi-Performance Rockets 1990 (Early HPR kit company; DTP printed on heavy paper; loose pages, no staples; lots and lots of components; price sheet and order form; excellent condition) - 10 (ULTRA RARE!) 11. Pine Cap Associates 1988 (very obscure Florida company; address and postage on back; offered nine kits; catalog on xerox(?) paper) - 10 (ULTRA RARE!!) 12. Cotriss Technology late 1980's (printed on regular paper with top-left staple; HPR kits, locators and video camera; price sheet; two wear edges from envelope folding) - 5 (ULTRA RARE!) 13. Cotriss Technology 1992-3 (Same company as above, but with more offerings this year; printed xerox-style, with top-left staple;) - 5 14. Wasatch Rocketry 1991 (Fold wear in middle from mailing; stapled on top-left; postage and address on back; obscure Utah HPR glider company; kits, components and parts; price sheet) - 6 (ULTRA RARE!) 15. Signature Gallery LTD. early 90's (Three pages slick paper; some wear from envelope mailing; boutique company offered two very high end kits [$200 in early 90's dollars!]; looks more like an art company flyer than a rocket company catalog! Some spots on front page) - 5 (ULTRA RARE!) 16. Vulcan Systems 1991 (Early HPR motor company; 11x9 heavy card stock folded over twice into envelope mailer; postage and address on front, green spot tape to close for mailing; engine listing with motor specs and prices) - 5 (RARE!) 17. Microbrick Technologies, Inc. 1992 (New York HPR company; DTP printed with heavy card cover and black and white inside; offered kits, parts and motors; order sheet and price list; some slight cover damage) - 8 (ULTRA RARE!!) 18. Binder Design 1995 (DTP catalog on slick paper; the original company; postage and label; some edge wear; price list and insert for t-shirts) - 5 (RARE!) 19. California Consumer Aeronautics, early 90's or maybe late 80's (four page single sheet with price sheet insert; rare but also basic) - 3 (RARE!)
20. Journal of Miniature Astronautics: One-time competitor for Sport Rocketry, from Canada. Five issues for sale: Fall 1990, Summer 1991, Autumn 1991, May 1998, September 1998. Plans, info, info on rocketry in Ukraine; Canadian rocket history; Canadian HPR club reports. Odd but earnest; about 12-16 pages per issue. Printed DTP on heavy paper, good condition but some spots on some covers. - 10 (Pretty rare!)
21. TRA Membership Handbook. 1996. Hard cover with art-work (quite nice, too), color-printed, large three-ring binder. Includes: Membership directory, Tripoli Motor Testing (rules and motor curves!); several Tripoli reports from mid-90s; HPR Safety Code book; Advanced Cert. Study Guide. Very, very nice binder, usable for other rocketry needs. Not sure if they still give them out. - 10
Remember, if you want to buy a lot, I can dicker some. I need to sell! Thanks for looking. Please buy!
More paper ephemera and a lot of OOP kits still to come later this week or next weekend.
Mike Hollihan snipped-for-privacy@bellsouth.net
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