[OT] Jet Engine Animation on a particle going through the engine

This is soooo cool!

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David Stribling
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(Keanu Reeves voice)... Whoa!

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Top graphics!

The only bit I am confused about is the indicated RPM........

Assuming the Trent has a LP and HP shaft- i.e. twin shaft unit - why such a fluctuation in indicated RPM.

the LP compressor and LP turbine will be rotating at one rpm and the HP compressor and HP turbine at another.

Hence the indicated RPM should at best step change from zero - (the outside) to RPM LP then to RPM HP then to zero in the combustion chamber then to HP, LP and zero RPM again.

The indicated RPM is all over the place.

I think they have this wrong!

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Damian Hall

The Trent depicted is a three spool engine. The N speeds are probably simplified for animation.

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