OT: Plane Crashes in the News

I wish I had been saving the news reports about the Egyptian charter plane that crashed with the sad loss of somewhere between 141 to 148 souls.

Based on the initial reports, it would be incredibly easy to construct a conspiracy theory.

If you've been following it, you'll notice a lot of inconsistencies in the early reports. For example, initial reports said that the crew did not report anything unusual prior to disappearing off radar and that officials were positive that terrorism was not involved. That is just so bizarre.

In the rush to get news out, inaccurate and incomplete reports were posted. As I write this, the media are reporting that there was something wrong on takeoff and the plane was attempting to return to the airport. They're still saying that there was absolutely no possibility of terrorism.

Who knows what they'll be saying tomorrow or the week after, next month, or a year from now?

Is this a conspiracy? It's that they don't have all the information yet but the media has to feed the public something. In some ways, I contribute to the problem, since I'm a news junkie.


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