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Re: Curious about Liquid propellants....
I suspect that Diane was referring, not to laundry bleach, but to hair bleach, for which peroxide _is_ used - at a concentration of something like 8%, though, rather than the higher concentrations...
18 years ago 2
Re: rocket comic @ DrFun
On Wed, 09 Jul 2003 18:51:20 GMT, is alleged to have written: If your rocket gets stuck in the power lines, you could always try Clyde's approach (Hi Tod!): - Rick "Crippling funnybone arthritis"...
18 years ago
Try It tracks programs that are streaming at the moment or are scheduled to stream. When my local NPR station dropped Schickele Mix, allowed me to get my weekly fix and continue my collection. In...
18 years ago 29
Re: what kids really want was Re: NAR Board of Trustees
Ah, thanks, Cliff. Excellent discussion starter, and subject titled correctely to boot. I was once a kid, and have raised a rocket kid as well. For me as a kid, I lived in that "1000" foot range you...
18 years ago
Re: Senate Report for July 8, 2003
Does S 724, in fact, kill the court action in its entirety? I am not certain that this is so. Correct me if I am wrong, but is not part of the court action to determine whether or not APCP is, in...
18 years ago 1
Re: Cross-Dressing Tips at the launch site
From a fashion point of view, your rocket is an accessory and should be finished to complement your outfit. As for the launch range, forget the blouse and the pumps. Wear one of those "Harmless Nerd"...
18 years ago 2
Re: NYPOWERX from a Newbie's View
kaplow (Bob Kaplow) wrote in news:8IY5sLsr+$ As CMASS demonstrated last year on Space Day. IIRC, we actually launched close to 1300 rockets that day. len. "Bob Kaplow" wrote in message I know you're...
18 years ago 6
Re: Launch Controller
As far as I know, there is NO frequency that allows a no-license 2-watt transmitter other than 27 MHz CB. IIRC, the 72 & 75 MHz bands are limited to 1 watt, although it depends on how it's measured -...
18 years ago 13
OK, folks, you know I can't pass *THIS* one up!
Ok, RMR, you know what I do with photos like this. I've done Pat Miller, Bruce Kelly, Mark Bundick, and Peter Alway. It's time for Jerry. JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!...
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Rock Lake video gallery is up.
Pro products demos include M1250, K1320, I600 and a 14 second M520 moon burner with 1000 Ns initial thrust. Anthony J. Cesaroni President/CEO Cesaroni Technology/Cesaroni Aerospace (905) 887-2370 x222...
18 years ago 13
Free Vostok / Sputnik rocket kits
Well, nearly free. You have to supply your own printer ink and cardstock. Besides that, though, these look like great candidates for conversion to 13mm motors. There are also models of the X-20...
18 years ago 9
Re: Canada's CAR loses its insurance
Does the Tripoli policy apply in Canada at a Tripoli launch? Brian Elfert I wouold say yes since Tripoli policy applys at TRA launches in UK. That's why they do not fly very many rockets at TRA...
18 years ago 14
Re: July 5th @ Metra
The only time I've ever beaten my wife was at cards! I'm not a member of your sad club, sorry. Lew Garrow TRA 7181 L3 NAR 77928 L3 METRA VP NAR L3CC ****remove the plex from my email to reply****...
18 years ago 61
Re: NYPOWER X hybrids
Jerry, must you always get so contentious about everything? You do have good data to impart to the rocketry community but you immediately start jabbing and raise everyone's hackles....we know you live...
18 years ago 21
3 Days Left - Last Reminder
Photo Contest..... ends in 3 days. Nick
18 years ago