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Listserv Safety Sign
Today there was no mention of irvine on the TRA Members PRIVATE Forum. Days since last mention: 5 Days Longest period as a non-event: 97 Days Another irvine free day on the listserv. I don't know if I...
18 years ago 14
Re: [news item] cherry bomb
What bothers me is that they are outright illegal. I am not a child and do not like being treated like one by my government Chris Taylor
18 years ago
Re: Diane, what IS your involvement in rocketry?
The people that run the likes of microsoft and the RIAA and the OIL cartels.????? that is your problem diane (not you specifically no offense is meant) THESE ARE THE SAME KINDS OF PEOPLE IN POWER IN...
18 years ago 27
Re: What rocketry-related incidents, DOJ?
So who's going to file the FOIA request? I want to know what the DOJ is talking about. Bob, You and I do not have a legal team. NAR has a legal team, but they work for Bunny and the Board of Trustees,...
18 years ago 2
When is a cloned kit a cloned kit?
Hi everyone, I was wondering....... I bought a Big Bertha many years ago. With time I lost the 2 part nose cone of mentioned kit. Recently I found an original 2 part nose cone used for the Big Bertha...
18 years ago 3
Re: L3 attempt at NYPOWER
> Doug Sams wrote in news: That would be something like a mauve Nokia in a black patent leather holster? len. No, Homophone was the obscure Greek goddess of lint... Bullfinch simply neglected her.....
18 years ago 4
Re: Nar Level 2 test at LDRS?
I did my NAR L2 last year at LDRS. The guys from AARG, from Austin area, helped me out. Don't be afraid to ask questions or ask anyone to administer the L2 test and witness the flight. People that...
18 years ago 4
Re: 900MHz launcher Q
"bit eimer" wrote in news:nU1Pa.72$OP.70@fed1read04: I don't know how complicated you want to make this, but you could use a microcontroller at each end - something like a PIC (), or a Rabbit2000...
18 years ago 5
Re: Shuttle Columbia foam test punches huge hole in leading edge
Diane wrote in news:vgoqs1jvgkku85 Exactly - this is an analogy a friend made. Dan Major wrote in news:Xns93B4B5AAEBDBsoonerboomergbronlin@ ma is not momentum. Momentum is mv. And yes,...
18 years ago 14
Re: NAR Board of Trustees
Yes but in a narrow tunnelvision way they are already set on with no significant changes from outside input. Nothing stopping you from supporting him financially with donations. It is legal. Jerry...
18 years ago 368
Re: I.M.E. Handbook (WAS: Class-1 Magazine question)
The orange book is gospel. If you search on the internet (and it will take awhile) you should run into some smaller type one magazines. Start with "type 1 explosive storage" in the search. No matter...
18 years ago