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Hi All,
As some of you know, I am more a Mac person than a PC person. Some time ago
I saw an article that described various shareware programs that one can get
for a PC that will add some features Mac users have and miss on the PC.
Regardless of being MAC or PC oriented, I think both of these are worth
mentioning, if you do not already know them and I am simply that last one at
the party :-)
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This is a very very sweet system info utility that will show you everything
you ever wanted to know about your pc software and hardware but never knew
where to get it. You can do a memory speed test R/W and it ranks relative to
various other computers. Consolidates all your software registration
numbers... Startup items... Links to the various component manufacturers....
More than I can possibly use or describe. This one is free and so far I
would say it is the most useful utility I have found for the PC.
SPX instant screen capture
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I have tried a few screen capture utilities, but this one is the cleanest
and most useful I have found so far. Basically, when it is runny, you can
click and hold the RMB and you get a crosshair cursor. You then can select
the area of the screen you want to capture - instantly you get a save
dialogue to name and set the file type. Many additional options for emailing
instantly or to simply capture the active window. A companion product has
the ability to add text, combine images etc. in a very simple and fast way.
It is a free 15 day trial, and the cost is about 30USD I think (I am still
on the trial but will buy it)
Just thought I would share this little discoveries that made my life a
little better ;-))
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Hi Dan!
I have a few too, relative to PDF editng (& plotting).
Jaws PDF Editor
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$39 USD This capable little PDF editor can do many of the things acrobat can do. You can insert and delete pages, crate and edit bookmarks and things like that. As a daily user of Acrobat at my "dayjob" I found a similar need at home but absent the $250 to buy the acrobat editor, I went questing for an alternative and found this little jem. This one rocks. This baby has "bang for the buck" for sure.
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$35 USD Used in conjunction with the above to generate your pdf files from any windows app. A less expensive alternative to adobe distiller (comes with acrobat). Comes with some large format papers pre-defined in the driver and you can add your own custom sizes using "server froms" in the printer configuration screen. There are tons of these out there, but this one was pretty stable and worked well with autocad as well.
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Sean-Michael Adams
Another one I use on a regular base:
CAMSTUDIO 2.0 (freeware,
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Let you capture your screen output as AVI or Flash, very handy for "learning" video or sending enhancements or error descriptions.
Bye, Stefan
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Stefan Berlitz
PDF creator
a GPL PDF printer i use a lot. quite enough to usual work.
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thank god SW pulled a whole service pack!!
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Nick E.

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