OT: Dowel Pins and Shear strength....

Without going to far into the application.....
Does any of you guru's know if there are high "shear" strength pins available
greater than that of a standard dowel?
I'm looking for something to replace a 5mm dowel pin.
Oviously, I can get better shear strength with a larger dia. pin but....
I would like to see if I get find something exactly the same size if I
could before I look into that.
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Many vendors can cheaply make modest quantities of custom pins for you in a material of your choosing. PCS is one but their are many. At worst you will need to supply the material.
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J. R. Carroll
Dowel pin or roll spring pin? If the latter will work for you, then look at McMaster Carr. They don't seem to have metric, but a 3/16" roll pin's actual diameter is right at 5mm (within .003 on the low end, within .005 on the high end), and there are heavy duty roll pins. The part I looked at is 1" long and has a double shear strength of 4,400 lbs. The part number is 95755A324.
dvanzile wrote:
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I don't know the spec's off hand, but you could try drill blank. I comes in at the same tolerance as dowels, but offers a material that can be hardened thru, rather then case hardened like most dowels...of course harder is more brittle so maybe you'd be better in the Rc40 range. I'm pretty sure that drill blank even comes pre-hardened.
Just a thought, Ken
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Hi Dan,
You might also try gage pins.
Depending on your quantity (about $2 per), this might work.
Nice featues:
Ground to size Hardened to rc58+ 2" long - might need cutoff op.
See McMaster Or MSCDirect among others.
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Sean-Michael Adams

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