OT: Dropping Mapped drives

I had a problem with my Jump Drive last night I was working on a macro that
was saved on the key, then I had to go somewhere. Instead of removing the
Drive from my keychain, like an idiot I just yanked it out and went were I
needed. Upon returning I replaced the drive and worked on the macro. To my
dismay when I went to save SW locked up. Apparently when I connected it the
first time it was Drive I: then when I returned it became drive J: SW VBA
threw a fit and locked up. I tried to change the drive letter both from
command prompt and through Disk Managment (Win XP Pro) but it seems that I:,
even though it never shows up anywhere else, is removed from the available
drive letters, probably because SW VBA is still holding on to it. Does
anyone know if there is a way to force I: to be dropped so that I can change
drive J: to be refered to as drive I: as it should have done on it's own
Corey Scheich
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Corey Scheich
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