OT: FOUND cheap Spaceball 3003Cs

I posted a message a week or so back asking whether anyone had an old
Spaceball 3003C that they wanted to sell. One person responded (very
kindly) and I've sent a check to him. Then last night I accidentally
found five others that are about to be liquidated to wholesale, but I
can snap all five of 'em up at latest tomorrow (Thursday) morning.
Anyone who wants one contact me IMMEDIATELY. I've already got the buy
set up, credit account approved . . . I just don't know whether I want
to buy one, two or all five. If none of them are DOA they would be $55
each SHIPPED to any address in the continental US. Probably Canada
also, but I'd have to check costs. If one is DOA the price would go up
accordingly, but I've been assured they're all working and I'll hook 'em
up to be sure before shipping any of them. If I make $3 each on them
I'll be surprised, but they'll be long gone if I don't buy 'em up first
thing in the morning. Just willing to do the denizens of my favorite
newsgroup a favor. The driver I have coupled with the SolidWorks
companion application works with SolidWorks up through 2006. No
guarantees after that, but I rather suspect there won't be future
problems even though neither the OEM nor SolidWorks will support the
device any longer.
To reprise, these are the old two-button rigid-ball device (no slop in
the ball movement) made by Compaq and with serial (not USB) interface.
No power supply necessary. Part number is 299395-001. I'll send a
digital photo to anyone interested. One caveat -- I've noted that with
a couple of recent vintage workstations the machine sometimes is balky
about recognizing the device and it has taken me as many as four reboots
to get it working properly (but usually works on the first or, more
rarely, the second boot-up). I think it may be a matter either of the
order in which drivers are being loaded, or perhaps a virus scanner
(McAfee was common to both problem machines), or else some machines
nowadays are expecting a very quick response when polling the serial
port . . . and these devices may not respond quickly enough. Does NOT
happen with all recent vintage machines. May be a function of the
motherboard chipset (I'm just guessing).
I'll take checks and that's about all, but I'll include drivers. All I
require to make the order is a verbal. Look on my Web site for my
"real" email address and/or my phone (cell). Phone is balky where I
work, however. If you want to get through by phone and the cell number
doesn't work you can call the number listed for Profero Systems
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in Dallas, North Carolina and ask for me (I
have a new job -- happy day).
Mark 'Sporky' Stapleton
Watermark Design, LLC
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Did you end up getting them all, or just enough for the people you need? Anyway, I just found out this morning that my boss ordered new PC's for the department. Erg - I hope the new PC has a serial port or I"ll be using it on my home PC.... I have no idea what they ordered, but anything is better than what I have to use here..... Thanks again for the offer and notice Mark.
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If anyone missed out and would still like to have one, I have 3 of these that I would sell for the same price of $55 each or $150 for the lot.
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T. Struemke

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