OT: HPnw8000 & Realview

OK heres my little dilemma...
I have HP nw8000 laptop with FireGL T2 display adapter. HP only offers
drivers v 7.96 whre as ATI has to offer 7.98 (needed for Realview). For my
understanding, I cannot install those ATI drivers, cause it's for
"stand-alone" cards, not for mobility cards? right?
any way to modify those ATI's to "fit" to my HP.... or do I just have to
wait that HP/Compaq people get their asses off the chair and code those
newer drivers?
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Arto Kvick
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Did a little search on the drivers, and found the following lines on couple of *.ini files
"ATI MOBILITY FIRE GL T2/T2e" = ati2mtag_M10GL, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E54
...for me that indicates that mobility cards are supported with these drivers... but still it makes me wonder, if I need those "manufacturer tampered" drivers?
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Arto Kvick
What happens if you try it?
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Dale Dunn
Gathered some guts and tried the ATI drivers. Installation did go OK, only one minor flaw.... it detects my card as Mobility 9600 series card (wich is kind of OK, cause mobility T2 is based on 9600 chip)... decided to go ahead with the installation.... computer booted and it still detecs my GPU as 9600...
well I get the RealView button active, but nothing happens.... nothing at all... same old as allways....
...well.... I'll have to start bombarding the HP support to get the new drivers on the way...
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Arto Kvick

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