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I've been working with a variety of different packages this last while doing
some 3D visualisation etc. They all seem to have a different way of working
in 3D - Solidworks seems to be the most intuitive by far - most of the time
the tools you are going to need are to hand and objects are easily
manoeuvrable, rather than buried in menus.What are other peoples thoughts on
ease of use of solidworks relative to other programmes? My list is currently
(favourite to PIA!):
Solidworks: Intuitive, no brainer to get your head around.
AutoCAD: I guess familiarity!
Maya: Waaaay complicated! I guess this is what MCAD programmes started off
as? Millions of different drop downs and F button menu clusters. A fantastic
prog but hell to get your head around!
Also - is there a ISO standard for which way things should zoom - It
confuses my simple little brain when sapping from Solidworks to AutoCAD or
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Deri Jones
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Having taught myself Unigraphics, Pro/E, and SW, I would efinitely give SW a blue ribbon for ease of use and most intuitive interface for a CAD program.
Comparing SW to AutoCAD: AutoCAD isn't really a true parametric solid modeling program. If you need to work in 3D, that will be a problem. Also, AutoCAD doesn't have much for sketch solving.
Comparing SW and AutoCAD to Rhino and Maya is not straight-forward. These programs have different intent. AutoCAD and SW are engineering CAD programs; Rhino and Maya are more styling- and ID-centric, without the engineering based functionality.
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