OT: Open Excel Workbook and disable automacros

Right click the data range you are linking into, and click "data range properties". then uncheck the "refresh data on file open".
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Keith Streich
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I have an excel workbook that updates itself to our database upon opening.
Since we can only access our database from our terminal server the macro
errors when the workbook is opened from SW VBA because it cannot find the
database. I would like to just disable the macro when opening the file but
how do you do this. It looks like prior to Office 2000 it wouldn't have run
but we are running 2000 so it does, I couldn't find any way to disable it.
Please help.
here is the line that opens the workbook
exclApp.Workbooks.Open "G:\FS Descriptions.xls", , True
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Corey Scheich
This was not checked the problem is more because The autorun macro attaches to the DB. I fixed it, I went the round about way though. If anyone cares I modified the autorun macro to try to attach to SW if it doesn't successfully attach to SW it runs the macro if it does attach it quits the macro. This will work since SW is not on the terminal server. Thank you.
Corey Scheich
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Corey Scheich

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