OT: Snowing in Austin, Texas

Apologies to you "northerners: who are used to this kind of thing, but it is
snowing with slight accumulations in Austin, Texas. Watch the national news
tonight for video of trucks sliding sideways on the interstate. We don't
know how to drive in this stuff.
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Richard Doyle
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"Richard Doyle" wrote in news:c0iu28$188002$ snipped-for-privacy@ID-182008.news.uni-berlin.de:
It's ok, Last night I finally finished carving out a 3.5' deep trench/pathway to my back yard shed. I figured since it had warmed up to - 10 celcius I should take advantage... Welcome to Canada!
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Ya like Labrador :-) Check out this link
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Zander wrote:
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Don't go to the main site. Warned.
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There is really no trick to driving in snow. It is all in managing the momentum vector of your vehicle. You have to realize that what is important is not which way your vehicle is pointed, but rather which way the momentum vector is pointed. The momentum vector can be influenced by judicious application of the steering wheel, hand brake, throttle and gear shift. I wouldn't count on the brakes doing much.
Driving in snow is like driving a Winston Cup car at Daytona as far as traction and stability are concerned, but it is much safer since it all happens at lower speeds.
Richard Doyle wrote:
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I like the "hand brake" part - very important when trying to do donuts! :-) (Grew up in Minnesota.)
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Wayne Tiffany
Seconded, and even better are the spinning in reverse doughnuts or semi doughnuts.
The sad part for me - it's been about 20-30 degrees out for a week or two - and I keep going outside and saying - "Man it's finally getting nice . . ."
Very Very Sad.
Rochester NY
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Sean-Michael Adams
Even worse here it got up to 10 and it felt like spring. Then this weekend it was in the high 20s and I felt like taking my shirt off.
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Corey Scheich

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