SolidWorks vs Inventor

I am looking for the Pros & Cons of both these 3D modeling packages. If you have experience with both please give some FACTS why I should pick one over the other.

Industry is Custom Machine Design, 100 to 1,000 parts per project.


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My company uses Solidworks, however we are currently evaluating Autodesk Inventor as an alternative option for our next CAD seats.

Initial results suggest both packages are adequate for the type of design work we undertake (special purpose machinery design and a little product/industrial design) up to approx 3000 parts. It is still early days for our trial but there doesn't seem to be any essential functionality missing from Inventor.

We also have a need to provide a sub-contract service to our clients and some are considering buying Inventor, others have Solidworks, it may be in our interests to have both systems.

It is probable that we'll buy a couple of seats of Inventor unless the trial is disastrous and Inventor proves to be even less reliable than Solidworks.

I will post our findings when our trial is complete in about 2 months.


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See the post on 3-19-04 with the same subject line! Also search for this, it's been rehash a lot, I'm sure you find some good comparisons there.


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Keith Streich

Don't forget Solid Edge.


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I would trust going with what my customers and suppliers need and that may be 2 systems for some companies.

I just went to a toolmaker in San Diego the other day and he noted on his own that about 80% of the people he works with as a supplier or customer use SolidWorks.


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Bo Clawson

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