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2D drawings in Solidworks?
hello, my work is requiring me to draw some of our products in the form of 2D engineering drawings (the 3D models would be far too time consuming and difficult). i'd like to know if solidworks has...
Re: Solidworks designer looking for work
SEND YOUR RES. TO CST ,450 S CIPS STREET,WATSEKA,IL 60970 The Power Tools Division of the Bosch Group is the world market leader for power tools and power tool accessories The Power Tools Division of...
Animator SW2003 still hangs after play.
Anyone else "STILL" having this problem? When/after you run play, access to the SW gui is nearly all grayed out and you have to kill SW. Hey, SW Corp, when is this "EVER" going to be fixed!? How many...
Re: Bend directions and angles
We do multiple bends, but we also do the press brake programming in 3D using the Amada BendCAD. One of the biggest cost reduction projects for the year 2000... Does anyone else out there need these...