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75 year collection
does anyone know if there is a limit as to the number of downloads that you can do with this collection. after loading it on my computers in house (for backup) then I started getting error messages...
3 years ago 3
Call Trolley Pole A Pantograph and Trolley Car A Tram
At the 2013, 25th Festival of Model Tramways at Fairfield Halls, The Arnhem Gallery, Croydon, Surrey, Britain on July 20th 2013, I had a discussion with at least two exhibitionists about why cannot...
8 years ago 4
Video Camera Car
My wife -bless her black little heart- gave me a helmet-mountable Hi- Def video camera for Christmas, thinking that I'd be able to make videos of my rides. However, the first thing that crossed my...
10 years ago 21
Question on "Pink Foam"
Anybody got a brand name for this stuff or know of a reliable west coast (USA) retailer who sells it? I've looked at our local Home Depot and Lowe's outlets and found only the 1/2" thick variety with...
10 years ago 20
Does anyone know of an O or HO scale decal source for the red and white "FARMERS ELEVATOR CO." marking as seen on the center bay of this PS 4750 CF covered hopper? No. However, you may be able to...
10 years ago 1
Bus Wire
Hi Everyone, I was at the store today pricing out wire for my HO scale power bus and my forth coming NCE DCC system. Is there a consensus on the guage for the bus wire and its track feeders? I have...
10 years ago 44
Harold Minkwitz
Does anyone know what happened to Harold Minkwitz and his web site. I am hoping to aquire some if not all of his "how to" articles. Thanks for any and all replies. Dave site. I am hoping to aquire...
11 years ago 3
1/24 or 1/25 scale train decals ??
Just got the AMT "The General" model kit - the seller was a bit off with the condition of the kit. It had water damage and the decals were ruined.... I want to build it up in a regular engine out of...
11 years ago
Cobalt or Tortoise Switch Motor
Hi people Does anyone have experience with both Tortoise and Cobalt switch machines. The Cobalt manual made me very interested, and as they are the same price ( per 12 ) from England , I wondered if...
11 years ago 11
Affixing track and switches to foam roadbed
It seems like a basic question, but I haven't laid track (N gauge) in a number of years, and haven't done so before on Woodland's foam roadbed. Virtually all of the trackwork is tangent, with a great...
12 years ago 13
Another eBay Funny!
both the description and the "very good" condition rating. If *all* the parts were missing, this seller would probably still be rating it as "good". eBay Mobile Missing "Some" wheels?! LOLOL!! I liked...
12 years ago 7
Speaker for Proto2000 GP30?
I've got a Proto 2000 GP30 that I'm trying to install sound in. I'm having trouble figuring out what speaker I need to install, and where to install it. Does anyone have any experience with this or a...
13 years ago 2
Restoring An American Flyer Engine
Hi, I am restoring my American Flyer 282 engine. Whatever that is in the coal car isn't responding. Voltage gets to it but nothing happens. What is that thing? It looks like a motor that turns a...
13 years ago 4
Laser Cutters
Does anyone know what kind of laser cutter is preferred for the production of laser kits? Thanks. dlm ------------------------------------------- Dan L. Merkel If you watch the video on Bar Mills...
13 years ago 13
David Bedard tutorial on Decoder Pro
I'm trying to locate David Bedard's tutorial "Using Decoder Pro without a connection to your layout." It appears to have been removed from the MR web site. I didn't see that particular tutorial, but...
13 years ago 3
Upside down model railroad
My son sent me this link. I think I've figured out how it's done. Looks like someone took that April (forget the year) Model Railroader article to heart. My son sent me this link. I think I've figured...
13 years ago 14
Proto 2000 series SW8/900 locomotive w/sound decoder
Anybody bought one of these with the factory installed sound decoder? I'd be interested in hearing your opinions on the running qualities as well as the sound quality. Cheers Gene Well, since you...
14 years ago 2
Interesting railwatching finds:
Took the motorcycle out trainwatching today and saw some interesting stuff: #1. The Union Pacific had some serious right-of-way work going on just at the top of Beaumont Hill; with a work train...
14 years ago 3
Troler Autopulse Transpak 25
Hello,I've just bought at my local Goodwill a Troller Autopulse Transpak 25 transformer. I wonder if it will be better than the stock transformer that came with my Lifelike N train set. Is this Troler...
14 years ago 3
Shinohara N scale track
How does Shinohara track and switches compare to others--N scale? It is old technology. Back in its day it was considered excellent quality track. Nowadays, I would go for Atlas Code 55 or Micro...
14 years ago 1