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Hawker Siddeley / Electric Construction Schematics
I don?t know if anyone can point me in the right direction. We have a 1983 Lister ST1 engine with a Electric Construction Limited / Hawker Siddeley generator. The latter needs some TLC and we?re...
1 year ago 1
Is there anybody out there...?
This group seems a little moribund - anyone really still using it? something occasionally pops up, but not often. Simon In article , scribeth thus Which is a bit of a pity;(.. Well it's got 202...
3 years ago 4
Petter A1 Starting Handle
I have just purchased a Petter A1 to restore, but there is no starting handle. Having looked online it looks like this model is started from the non-flywheel end which has a 1 1/8 - 1 1/4 inch shaft...
3 years ago
Wipac Cj magneto drive gear
Hi, I've recently acquired my first stationary engine, a 1949 Ruston pt. The magneto it came fitted with is a Wipac cj,seems to be missing a part (gear)to drive the mag.....any help , and advice where...
5 years ago
How old is my coburn C6b engine petrol only
engine is petrol only I'm guessing 58 ish
5 years ago
Scammell fire pump
can any one help with information on a Scammell 4 cylinder, side valve petrol fire pump. Engine identification no. S470739 2 V. Told could be marine or world war fire pump. [IMG]
6 years ago
what is the differance between a lodge c3 and a cb3
I have a Petters A1 series 2 engine One book says it should be a lodge c3 spark plug and another says cb3 what is the difference please 1/8" longer reach Regard, DJC
6 years ago 1
Blackstone single flywheel 50 HP diesel circa 1950
I have had this engine since the middle 70s and I found it in Abu Dhabi. I shipped it home and recently exhibited it in Norfolk, where it attracted quite a lot of attention. I am approaching 73 now...
7 years ago 1
Help with Stuart Turner 1/2 hp open crank gas engine
Hi all can anyone help? Trying to get a Stuart 1/2hp gas engine back into life. I am missing some parts of the carburettor please see the pic attached. Am also looking for advice in the ignition...
8 years ago 3
Vincent industrial engine
I'm putting together a neat little generator outfit based upon a Vincent industrial two stroke engine. I cannot discover any paperwork, manuals, dating lists - anyone got any ideas? Regards, Kim...
12 years ago 4
Engine Insurance Scheme
The UK Stationary Engine Forum operates a Public Liability scheme for its members, insured through NFU Mutual. Cover is £5 million, costs is £3 per year, January to December. is free, we cannot...
12 years ago 11
Engine Forum's.
While it is so quiet on here I have been looking back on some of the previous arguments and discussions on the subject of the engine forum's, there seems to be a lot more activity on there than on...
12 years ago 14
Coventry Victor for sale
Gentlemen, A kind donator to IF has the following engine for sale if anybody interested initially contact me. Details are: single cyl diesel 7/9 HP (revs probably 1500) marine unit water-cooled,2/1...
12 years ago 1
Watermota K2Marine engine
I acquired a two stroke twin marine engine the other day. It looked to me like a K2 Watermota & a little research this morning indicates that it is indeed one of they beasts. Here's some pics...
12 years ago 12
Gibb & Hogg (Airdrie Engineers) info wanted
Our family mythology has it that an ancestor on my father's side was a partner in a large engineering works. My great grandfather (John Hogg, 1837 - 1910) was from Airdrie in Scotland and described...
12 years ago
Bamford EG1 Restoration
Eventually managed to find the time to start the restoration of my rusty old Bamford EG1. As I was stripping off many years of "crud" and old flaky paint I noticed that the casting had been filled...
12 years ago 5
usenet archives
I recently needed to remind myself of which aircraft it is believed the Marconi-Stanley engine did service on and, knowing full well that the subject had been discussed some years ago on this NG,...
12 years ago 6
Wipac Series "A" versus Lucas SR magnetos
Hi folks, I have been overhauling a Wipac Series "A" magneto. It has been frustrating. First the coil was dead. Then the impulse coupling was slipping. So I collected together several magnetos, took...
12 years ago 31
(noddy) question about governors
Silly question time, but I had the little single-cylinder 4-stroke B+S engine from our mower in bits the other day (so it was stationary at the time ;) and it has a mechanical governor mechanism...
12 years ago 28
A serious question, this is not a joke.
Gentlemen, I received a call from another friend this evening and I am hoping you can help. Malcolm rang me to ask the following, he has a heart condition which the medical profession have been...
12 years ago 14