Lister L Type Conundrum

Yet another engine arrived in my yard at 7 o'clock this morning before
work....A quick inspection tonight has revealed an interesting query - the
engine is as far as I can tell a fairly late Lister L tank cooled, however
the info on the brass plate doesn't appear to match up! Spec is 102L,
Serial Number is 221011 (however the first '1' is stamped upside down) and
the horse power is marked as 9 at 650rpm! I am not aware of a 9hp L type
and think it may have been subject to a careless apprentice stamping the
plate 9 instead of 6, as borne out by the mis-stamped serial number.
I would appreciate others' comments. I will get some pictures up on the
website as soon as I can get some clear pictures of the spec plate.
In typical Lister style it fired straight up on the stale petrol that was in
it and jumped around the yard quite happily ;-)
Thanks & Regards
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Dan Howden
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Sounds like the high speed L31 (See DWE's excellent 'Know your Listers' booklet) . Does it have a butterfly carb? regards Roland
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Roland and Celia Craven
Dan, DWE's "Know Your Lister" mentions ratings up to 10hp, 9hp @ 650rpm being the general rating for the L31. I saw no mention of the L102.
That apprentice must be doing a few revs in his grave :-).
Regards, Arthur G
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Arthur Griffin & Jeni Stanton
It does indeed have a butterfly carb, I'll get some pics up on the website.
Thanks for the info so far folks.
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Dan Howden
Pics are now up at
formatting link

The pics of the spec plate are not brilliant - I will try to get some better ones this evening.
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Dan Howden
Butterfly carbs frequently suffer from air leaking past the worn butterfly pivots. The proper thing to do is to rebush the bore, of course, but it is amazing what you can achieve with a blob of silicone in the right place ;o))
Kim Siddorn,
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J K Siddorn

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