Anyone willing to demo TIG (Orange County, CA)?

I just finished repairing an old Miller 330A/BP and have begun TIG welding with it. I am completely new at TIG and understand it is worth watching someone experienced to lessen the learning curve. I am in Irvine, CA. Is there anyone in Orange County, CA who would be willing to demonstrate TIG technique? If so, would you please send me an email? Thanks greatly! John

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I can't fill your order but if I may suggest Cerritos Jr College for an excellent welding department. They, like most CC welding schools try to accommodate anyone's schedule including allowing new students to enter at anytime of the semester.

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Gee, a video or dvd might be helpful, nudge nudge. Just a friendly reminder.

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I get it, I get it. Sheesh, you guys, Nag Nag Nag.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Orange Coast CC between Harbor and Fairview in Costa Mesa is where I took welding. It is even closer than Cerritos.

Although I am interested in your issue, I am too busy to spend even one night helping.

You might stop in at one of the competent, friendly welder places. I like Cameron Welding off Beach Bvd. in Stanton. Also OK, and much closer, is the Airgas place on Edinger just west of the 55. Buy something from them and ask for advise or a demo.

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