Heli-Arc attachment for Stick Welder

Hi All,

I am a long time lurker in this group with a possibly odd connection. I picked up a Miller Thunderbolt 225 AC/DC Arc welder at a flea market. It came with a heli-arc setup that has the hose, regulator and electrode holder. The unit has a large 'lug' on the hose that aparently connectes under the plug-in for the stick electrode holder. Does anyone have experience with this type of setup? How usable is it? Is there any way to regulate the current to the electrode, such as a foot pedal that can connect in-line?

I am new to welding and hope to do some steel tubing and auto-body. Tubing will be between 1/8" wall and 1/4" wall and the autobody will be

20ga and automotive structural.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Herb

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Herb Stansberry
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Just clamp your stinger to the lug.

This is the most common setup used in the field. It has no provision for changing the heat, many thousands of critical welds have been made with that equipment. Someone will be along soon to tell you how to put a home made foot pedal or a thumb wheel on it.

regards, JTMcC.

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John T. McCracken

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