Help describing workshop fitting.

I am currently in the process of selling a doo-dah on ebay.

No, this isn't an ad, but if you want to have a look :.)))

It's a sort of swivelling arm thing (same sort of mechanism as a desktop lamp) which attaches to a dust/fume extraction system so that it can be manouvred over where you're working. The problem is, I don't know what it's called.

Does this sort of fitting have an industry name?

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It sounds like an adjustable extraction arm.

Colin Bignell

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According to the latest Screwfix catalogue which landed on my desk this morning it is an extractor stand.


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Peter Ashby

I copied this from an article about the Anglepoise lamp:

Abstract: Two short and direct methods of exact analysis of the spring-and-lever balancing mechanism are presented. It is shown that perfect balance can be achieved by the use of a close-coiled spring whose free length is effectively zero and whose stiffness is chosen appropriately. The two-degree-of-freedom balancing mechanism, commonly seen in desk lamps but useful in many other situations, is then analysed. The treatment is extended to allow for the weight of the components of the mechanism itself. The originator of these devices was George Carwardine, whose patents over the period 1931-35 show the evolution of his ideas on this subject. A short biographical note is included as an appendix.

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'spring-and-lever balancing mechanism' might be all you need.

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John Flax

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