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I've got four autodark welding hoods, and one with a fixed #10 lens (might be #11 I forget). Two of them are fairly cheap and two are what I call 1st stage good. Not a top of the line, but first step up in price to a helmet some pros have said is adequate. Arguably the Harbor Freight Vulcan is the best or maybe its just my favorite. My son prefers the Lincoln Viking. That's the better one Lincoln sent me for free when I threw a temper tantrum about buying the most expensive helmet in local box hardware store and finding out it didn't have a replaceable battery. The Viking is pretty good.

Anyway, none of them produce anything close to the viewing picture you see on video on the big welding video channels. Is the camera really correcting that much or is there really an auto lens that will produce that quality of viewing picture.

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Bob La Londe
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