Airfoils, airflow, aerodynamics and other good stuff

Check out

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for some good information about airfoils, airflow, and other basic
aerodynamics that modelers should know. Note the effect on air at
considerable distance from the airfoil, both ahead and above it, not
just below and behind. This applies to the old thread about more
propeller blades and the effect each blade has on the following blade.
Then look at
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For a number of popular airfoils, their layouts and coordinates
(under "contours").
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has coordinates for those wanting to duplicate some
lesser-known airfoils for their wings. Over 1550 of them on this site.
Some good info on control surface stuff and other info here:
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This one has info on stalls and accelerated stalls (increased
G forces in turns or pullups increase stall speed):
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Unfortunately, it has no flow diagrams for stalled conditions.
Here are some pictures of stall behaviour, taken in a wind
tunnel. Note the stall progression from trailing edge forward. Note,
too, the effect on the air well in front of and above the airfoil.
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Hope this helps.
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Dan Thomas
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Thanks for the great resource list.
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