Best Brushless Speed Controller?

Is any brushless speed controller any better than any other brushless speed controller?

Is there any difference between a Turnigy 25 amp brushless speed controller and a Castle Creations 25 amp brushless speed controller besides the price?

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Peter Olcott
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For general use, I'd say no. ( I use Turnigy) If you are looking for the ultimate in performance /on the edge, then the differences become significant.You should seriously consider using the controller thst the motor manufacturer specifies. Timing is a big issue at the limit. Also watch Lipo cell count versus soft shutdown on low volts.

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However I wouldn't claim that one is better than another under any circumstances.

there are dozens of issues in play here.

1?. how linear is the throttle response 2/. is it self calibrating 3/. does its inbuilt advance match the otor you are using 4/. is it a nice low resitance and stays cool 5/. is it slightly higher resistance so that peak part throttle currents on lower inductance motors dont cause massive current spikes, leading to interference and component failure 6/. is the onboard BEC good enough for your servo load.

Thats just off the top of my head.

To be honest. JETI/HACKER are probably the most reliable. Castle has nice features, but sometimes don't work. Some cheaper unit work with cheap low efficiency motors, but bog down on really good motors.

I would some motors that ran fine on a $15 ES but not on the castle, without reprogramming the advance.

Castle has had issues with some AXI motors. JETIS always work.

OTOH, if a castle does work, its always exceptionally smooth and nice.

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The Natural Philosopher

I am impressed with the new Quazar ESC line by FMA Direct. 40/60/80 Amp uses switch mode BEC which allows more servos. Very smooth throttle control. Prices very competitive.

Red S. Red's R/C Battery Clinic

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Red Scholefield

I haven't used the Turnigy controllers so can't compare but I do know the CC controllers are very reliable and feature packed. I have bought the CC programmer lead for their controllers and tend to stick to that brand as a result. I have used the 10A, 25A, 35A and 45A versions and have been very happy with all of them.


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I have a couple of the 25As, a 35A and the programmer. I like the programming feature. I don't if I really need it or not, but it's fun knowing you can play around with them.

Good flying, desmobob

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Robert Scott

I like the new line of FMA Direct Quazar controllers, 40, 60, 80A have switch mode BEC that allows you to use more servos without having to resort to a separate BEC or battery. Throttle control is very smooth and linear. Programming with their programming card is great.

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Red Scholefield

The Turnigy is a pretty good inexpensive ESC, but I would not put it on par with something like a Castle. Castle uses a much better BEC technology (the names are escaping me at the moment, I learned about this when they were a guest on the podcast "all things that fly". The podcast can be found in the archives). Also, in the event you manage to toast a Castle, they'll replace or repair it for a fraction of the new cost. It's the difference between dealing with a small company that's really concerned with their reputation and customer service and a big Chinese corporation. If your Turnigy shows up DOA, or you fry it in short order, you're out of luck.

All that said, I=92m currently using a Turnigy Plush 25A ESC. It was cheap, and I was placing an order anyway. On a more high performance application where performance really mattered I=92d lean to the Castle.

Good luck whatever you choose.

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